Segmentation & audience activation with Twilio Segment

Tap into the full potential of your campaign

Improve return on investment (ROI) and return on ad spend (ROAS) by focusing your efforts on high-value customers.

Illustration: Segmentation & audience activation with Twilio Segment

Join the 25,000+ companies using the Segment platform

Build advanced audiences and orchestrate journeys all in one platform

Segment enhances customer experiences by combining accurate audience segmentation with comprehensive multichannel journey orchestration.

Illustration: Deliver relevant experiences to each customer

Standardize audiences across campaigns, teams, and channels

Manage audiences in real-time across every tool using Segment’s unified customer profile.

Empower every team to activate a deep understanding of customers—fast

Identify high-value customers, craft targeted audiences, and launch personalized campaigns without needing to tap your technical teams.

Get a 360° view of your customer journey

Integrate customer journeys across sessions and devices using deterministic identity resolution. This means multichannel, multi-step campaigns that engage customers across any platform, including Twilio Segment’s native channels or any of our 450+ integrations.

Audience building and activation

Focus your campaigns on high-value customers with robust audience segmentation and activation in Segment.

Illustration: Audience building and activation

Know your customer across every team and tool

Segment delivers a complete picture of each customer across your tech stack to help you discover who your high-value customers are without needing to tap technical teams.

One audience to build your marketing around

Segment and sync real-time audiences to ads platforms, marketing automation and analytics tools, data warehouses, and more. The result? Dynamic and highly-targeted campaigns that cost-effectively meet your customer’s needs at every step of the journey.

Easily identify and target potential VIPs

Our predictive and generative AI rapidly enhances audience segmentation. Quickly discover and reach audiences with high predictive lifetime value as well as likely-to-purchase potential VIPs.

Journey orchestration

Easily build sophisticated customer journeys and orchestrate personalization at scale.

Illustration: Audience building and activation

Understand and respond to customer behavior across all touchpoints

Get a complete end-to-end view of your customer journey across different tools enabling you to deliver personalized messages at the right time and through the preferred channel.

Spark a continuous conversation

Design personalized multichannel journeys using our drag-and-drop visual builder to automate messaging across paid and owned channels.

Multichannel marketing on any channel

Orchestrate and scale personalized campaigns wherever your customers are using our native channels or 450+ out-of-the-box integrations.

Why Segment

Deliver unified, personalized experiences at scale

Seamlessly deliver personalized and AI-powered customer experiences across all channels, including Twilio Segment's native email, SMS, WhatsApp, MMS, Push, or other destinations in your marketing stack.

Build audiences with data from any source

Drive engagement by orchestrating audiences and journeys within Segment or by utilizing data from your warehouse regardless of its location in Segment or the warehouse itself.

Orchestrate journeys where the data is

Quickly craft multi-step, multichannel interactions based on real-time customer behavior to effectively orchestrate and scale personalized campaigns from a single, data-driven platform.

Twilio Segment powers the world’s leading brands

From startups to global enterprises, see what businesses have achieved with the Twilio Segment customer data platform.

“With CustomerAI Predictions, our marketing team can now easily predict which users are most likely to bid on an item being auctioned on our marketplace, make a purchase, or even create a listing for a specific product category, then run targeted campaigns across channels—without needing additional data science resources.”

Vaibhav Miskeen

Senior Analyst of Customer Data & Martech

better campaign performance with CustomerAI Predictions vs a leading ad platform's AI technology

Learn more about audience segmentation and activation with Segment

Twilio Segment is a critical tool in segmenting customer data and activating targeted audiences across every channel. Connect with a Segment expert to learn more about why 25,000+ companies choose Segment's CDP.