Build once, activate precise audiences everywhere

Tap into the full potential of your campaigns using targeted, real-time audiences accessible across all platforms.

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One audience to build your marketing around

Segment and sync audiences leveraging a unified customer profile in real-time to marketing automation tools, ads platforms, analytics tools, data warehouses and more.

Complete real-time data, complete understanding

Gain a deep understanding of your customer behavior as it evolves in real-time across web, mobile, server, and third-party touchpoints to create and leverage audiences wherever you need them.

Activate audiences on an extensive platform

With access to the widest breadth of digital channels, and tools by way of 450+ native integrations, you get increased agility to meet your customer’s needs at every step of the journey with a single unified audience.

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Supercharge your audience creation with CustomerAI

Our predictive and generative AI accelerates and enriches the creation of audience segmentations at a lightning-fast pace. Then Segment keeps those audiences up-to-date automatically, so you can activate them everywhere such as native messaging channels or major ad platforms.

Effortlessly discover and launch the best prediction-powered audience for every campaign

Predictive Audiences "ready to buy," "dormant," "potential VIPs," and more — built on the out-of-the-box machine learning models within CustomerAI Predictions can spark innovative campaign ideas and enable you to swiftly generate AI-powered audiences with just a few clicks.

Create targeted audiences in minutes with CustomerAI Generative Audiences

Coming soon: Save time by creating highly targeted audiences within minutes using a simple natural language text prompt to speed time launch for campaigns and achieve your marketing goals.

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Maximize return on ad spend by leveraging real-time audiences powered by a unified profile

Use real-time data to deliver more relevant customer experiences and optimize budget by suppressing ads or messages the moment a customer takes action.

Target with precision, drive conversions with ease

Send targeted and predictive audiences directly to ad destinations such as TikTok, Google, and Facebook. Lookalikes, retargeting, exclusion lists—it’s all there, just waiting to improve your targeting and spike your return on ad spend.

Supporting a cookie-less future

Only a unified solution can enable marketers to leverage a single view of the customer to deliver on the promise of addressable advertising and ensure accurate audiences, even as support for cookies and other traditional identity mechanisms fades.

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Coming Soon

Enrich audiences with data from your warehouse or lakehouse

Easily build powerful audiences directly from data in your data warehouse or lakehouse with an easy-to-use audience builder.

Unlock the power of your data with zero copy architecture

Built with a zero copy architecture using the data warehouse or lakehouse as a single source of truth of information for activating data. The underlying source data is never copied - only the results for audience activation - reducing the security risk of data being in two places.

Enable marketers with the data they need

Marketers no longer need to tap data teams to build rich targeted audiences lists and will instead be able to build powerful audiences that can be distributed to any destination.

“Having Segment has not only helped us to do the personalization work we’ve always wanted to do, but we can now improve on the effectiveness of our ad campaigns and drive that feedback loop.”

Christian Rocha Castillo

Deputy Director Ecommerce/Digital Media

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