Customer Data Platform

Accelerate growth with a customer data platform (CDP) and make good data available to all teams.

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Great user experiences require better data

Shoppers interact with you across your website, ads, emails, and other channels before making a purchase. Customer data platforms help unify disparate data to give you a single view of the customer journey needed to deliver personalization experiences.

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Create meaningful interactions from data insights

Every customer interaction should feel more personal than the last—ads are relevant, web pages are tailored, and product experiences feel specially crafted. Customer data platforms make it easy for businesses to ensure this level of winning customer engagement.

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How a customer data platform works

A customer data platform helps you capture data from every customer interaction and combine that with the systems data in your warehouse, build user profiles and audiences, and connect the right data to the tools your teams use to grow revenue.


A CDP helps you collect, clean, and structure your data.


With all of your data in one place, you can remove bad data and respect user privacy.


Use good data to build profiles and audiences to use across every tool.


Use your data, profiles, and audiences everywhere your business needs.

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Collect data from touch points like Facebook, your company’s website, email, and any other place a customer might interact with your company. Then unify the data into complete user profiles and make it possible to use the profiles across Facebook, Google, and your internal company dashboards. A single platform helps you create personalized experiences and get the insights you need to better understand your customers.

Who needs a customer data platform?

A customer data platform should empower every team to drive action or insights.

Make data-driven decisions

Use customer insights to fuel better outcomes.

Personalize user experiences

Tailor customer journeys to maximize value.

Accelerate time to value

Easily launch new products and new markets.

Learn about the Total Economic Impact of Segment’s customer data platform.

Easily collect data from everywhere

Use one API for all customer data collection.

Integrate new tools in minutes

Skip time-consuming and redundant work with pre-built integrations.

Activate warehouse data in all of your tools

Use Reverse ETL to automatically sync data from your warehouse out to the tools you rely on to engage customers.

Use one API to collect and activate data, across any platform.

Understand the full user journey

Connect everything online and offline.

Build your own real-time audiences

Use one audience to power every tool.

Power marketing attribution

Prove your direct impact on the business.

Unify your customers’ touch points across all platforms and channels.

Make data access self-serve

Move faster without analytics bottlenecks.

Build the best growth stack

Get new tools working in days not months.

Measure and improve KPIs

Move the needle and prove your impact.

Enable the best product analytics, A/B testing, and data warehouse tools with the flip of a switch.

The benefits of a
customer data platform

Clean and organize your customer data

Customer data management is the process of acquiring, organizing, and using customer data. Customer data platforms make this process simple by automating and organizing data collection so that data is always usable.

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6 principles to manage data

Want accurate and useful data? Read our guide to learn why you need a data governance strategy and tracking plan, and how to break data silos.

Scalable data governance

It’s really easy to collect useless data or collect the right data in the wrong ways. Make sure your data governance strategy can grow as you do.

What is a data plan?

A data tracking plan can make or break your governance strategy. Learn how data tracking can go beyond spreadsheets to serving as a project management tool.

Build insightful customer analytics

When you understand customer behavior, you make better decisions for marketing, product, sales, and more. By using a customer data platform, it’s easy to set up robust customer analytics that every team can rely on.

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How to use customer data analysis for higher ROI

Without a CDP, your data is likely going to be unorganized and siloed, which makes it nearly useless for customer analytics.

An introduction to multi-touch attribution

Attribution models help you determine which parts of your marketing campaigns are most responsible for bringing in new customers.

Take product usability to the next level

Customer analytics also help make your product more useful to your customers—which can reduce your churn risk and increase customer satisfaction.

Improve data protection and privacy

With the advent of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), and other data privacy laws, respecting your customers’ data privacy is more important than ever.

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How to protect customer data

The data governance strategy and data plan that you use alongside your CDP will help limit the data you collect to ensure that you’re only collecting data that’s vital to your business.

Customer data and the GDPR

GDPR legislation affects each company differently depending on how you collect customer data. Your CDP can help you take the next steps to prepare and manage customer data.

Automate data privacy

With the Segment Privacy Portal, you can automate your approach to keeping your customers' data private.

CDP success stories

Up to this point, we’ve mostly talked about customer data platforms in theory. It can be especially helpful to learn how other companies use their customer data platforms and the results they get from those tools.

“With real-time integrated data flows from Segment, we can truly understand what people are doing with our platform.”

Nic Sauriol

Software Development Leader

increase in revenue following a three-month customer messaging pilot program

Why Twilio Segment: Learn about our complete, extensible, and scalable customer data platform

Adapt to each customers' needs by unifying and activating their data in real time

We deliver a comprehensive CDP, featuring real-time event streaming, data warehouse integration, identity resolution, advanced audience building, journey orchestration, and AI capabilities, for dynamic customer engagement that ensures data governance and compliance.

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Extensibility on an open platform

Our flexible, vendor-agnostic platform supports any use case, offering quick easy integration with your stack through 450+ pre-built connections and developer-friendly interfaces, ensuring compatibility with your existing tools and warehouse.

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Proven and trusted
at scale

Trusted by over 25,000 companies, we scale seamlessly across all business sizes with our high-capacity event streaming architecture, enabling you to manage and activate large data volumes instantly, without latency or manual intervention, even during unexpected spikes.

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Getting started is easy

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