Good data, always

Take control of your data quality with intuitive data cleaning features and real-time validation built for enterprise scale.

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Create a shared data dictionary

Align all the teams in your company around a single data dictionary.

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Diagnose data quality issues

Automate the QA process

Manually testing your tracking code is time consuming and doesn’t always catch every incorrect property or data type. With automatic Data Validation, you can audit your implementation in minutes.

Have confidence making decisions with clean data

Most companies detect issues after their team has used bad data to make decisions or trigger campaigns. Quickly take action on every invalid event with in-app reporting and daily email digests.

Illustration: Powerful integrations

Trusted by startups and the world's largest companies

“Until we started standardizing our data, people didn’t realize how messy it had become. With Protocols, we can be confident that data quality issues don’t happen anymore.”

Colin Furlong

Data Operations & Tracking

Reduction in duplicate or extraneous tracked events

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