Get a single customer view with Twilio Segment

Get a single customer view with data from everywhere

Unlock the full potential of your customer data through precise identity resolution, powerful profile enrichment, and seamless data activation.

Illustration: Get a single customer view with Twilio Segment

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Activate the full potential of every
customer interaction

Elevate customer engagement with personalized experiences that build loyalty and boost conversions.

Illustration: Activate the full potential of every customer interaction

Unify customer data seamlessly

Segment's identity resolution consolidates interactions across channels into a single profile, syncing to the warehouse and linking every on or offline touchpoint. A full view of the customer journey, every time.

Deepen customer insights

Enrich customer profiles with diverse data sources for a deeper insight into behavior and preferences, enabling targeted messaging, tailored product recommendations, and personalized experiences.

Leverage data with ease

Get seamless access to enriched, identity-resolved customer profiles mapped to key warehouse data, simplifying data activation across marketing, sales, and service tools.

Identity resolution

Merge disparate customer data into a unified profile for powerful, personalized interactions.

Illustration: Identity resolution

Consolidate every data point

With a managed identity resolution system, data teams can put the numerous interactions customers have with a business into a single unified profile.

Simple and automatic identity resolution

With our fully managed deterministic identity resolution system, data teams are freed from brittle pipelines with consumer-scale data processing that updates profiles in near-real time.

Elevate your customer profiles

After creating a profile, data teams can transfer it to their warehouse for enrichment, followed by activation through Reverse ETL in any compatible destination.

Profile enrichment

Use smarter, faster customer understanding to fuel better experiences and greater profitability.

Illustration: Identity resolution

Greater context, deeper understanding, stronger customer relationships

Enrich and extend profiles with data from your warehouse to deepen your understanding of how each customer relates to your brand, their household, account teams, pets, and more.

Simplify complex attribution for data and marketing teams

Deliver full profiles and associated events into the data warehouse for complex attribution and propensity modeling with Profiles Sync. Or, enable marketing to run their own data science with CustomerAI Predictions, automatically appending profiles with propensity scores from a user-friendly interface.

Drive personalized experiences with hybrid data activation

With Linked Profiles, go beyond profile data to create complex audiences that pull in both real-time behavioral insights and batch warehouse data all in one simple-to-use tool.

Profile accessibility & activation

Get the insights and information you need instantly to make in-the-moment business decisions and deliver on campaigns that really convert.

Illustration: Identity resolution

Trusted data at your fingertips

Segment simplifies access to verified customer data, enabling marketers to easily utilize profile and entity data from both real-time and batch systems.

Create custom audiences in real-time

Segment's unified profiles grant marketers total control of rich customer data, easily deployable across supported channels with a user-friendly audience builder.

Build trust with privacy-first personalization

Manage a single source of truth for end-user consent, proactively respect customer data privacy, and maintain compliance with GDPR, CCPA, and more.

Why Segment

Powerful identity resolution

Segment streamlines customer identity graph creation with an automated, deterministic system, reducing reliance on manual SQL queries and frequent data team involvement.

Premiere profile enrichment

Profile enrichment adds valuable context like lifetime value (LTV), churn risk, and personalized traits to customer profiles, enhancing marketing campaigns for more targeted, relevant, and impactful communications.

Seamless data activation from anywhere

Segment’s open, extensible, and reliable platform lets you streamline real-time data collection, seamlessly connect data from your warehouse, and activate unified profiles across every tool and touchpoint, at scale.

Twilio Segment powers the world’s leading brands

From startups to global enterprises, see what businesses have achieved with the Twilio Segment customer data platform.

“With Profiles Sync, we now understand the full picture of a user's journey and can create more comprehensive customer profiles by merging together offline and online and sales data that was previously locked inside different systems.”

Ale Dimitriu

Senior Marketing Operations Manager, MongoDB

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