Enrich profiles with Twilio Segment

Create long-term loyalty with enriched, real-time customer profiles

Enrich your customer profiles with warehouse data alongside predictive AI to personalize each customer journey in real-time. Better data, greater ROI.

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Join the 25,000+ companies using the Segment platform

Cut through the small talk with enriched profiles

Boring, one-size-fits-all marketing campaigns don’t really work

Build stronger customer relationships and greater profitability with a rich understanding of every individual customer.

Connect 360-degree customer profiles where and when you need them

Save time and compute costs by letting Segment build the complete history of each customer across all online and offline touchpoints into real-time, identity-resolved profiles. Then, automatically send profiles to your data warehouse for complex attribution and modeling to personalize each customer’s experience.

Build profiles once, let us do the rest

Stuck in a hamster wheel of manually updating each customer profile? With Twilio Segment, your unified customer profiles update automatically in real time as customers interact with your brand, then securely sync to all your downstream tools with ease.

Illustration: Customer Data Platform diagram

Personalization that puts privacy first

The cornerstone of any relationship is trust. Twilio Segment enables predictive audience targeting at scale, while our universal consent management framework ensures you’re respecting customers’ data privacy every time.

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Enrich profiles: Easy as AI

Meet CustomerAI Predictions, our out-of-the-box predictive models that make it a cinch for your marketing team to enrich profiles with propensity scores for likelihood to purchase, churn, and more so they can deliver better experiences faster.

Customer consent is king

Segment’s consent management and privacy framework is ISO-compliant and enables global management of consent preferences in an ever-evolving privacy landscape to build customer trust and loyalty.

Enrich customer profiles with Segment

Fast. Easy. Safe. Smart. We append profiles with attributes in the data warehouse using Reverse ETL and offer effortless integrations with any Enrichment API via our integrations catalog and Functions framework.

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Fill the gaps in your profiles using data from your warehouse

Learn how to set up rETL to automatically pull in both backfill customer data and events from your warehouse to complete your identity graph and provide a holistic view of your customer’s journey.

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Segment Unify is here: complete, real-time, portable customer profiles

A consumer scale real-time identity resolution solution, called Segment Unify, is now generally available.

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How to activate the full potential of AI with unified customer data

Watch how Twilio Segment’s customer data platform enables businesses to collect, unify, and activate customer data to power exceptional customer experiences at scale.

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Twilio Segment powers the world’s leading brands

From startups to global enterprises, see what businesses have achieved with the Twilio Segment customer data platform.

“With Profiles Sync, we now understand the full picture of a user's journey and can create more comprehensive customer profiles by merging together offline and online and sales data that was previously locked inside different systems.”

Ale Dimitriu

Senior Marketing Operations Manager at MongoDB

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Twilio Segment is a critical tool in your tech stack to enrich customer profiles. Connect with a Segment expert to learn more about why 25,000+ companies choose Segment's CDP.