Adobe Video Heartbeat

  • Analyze video engagement as a part of your user journey funnel

  • View out-of-the-box charts on video views, buffers, skips, pauses, and more

  • Slice and dice video analytics against target metrics you choose like average time spent and videos completed

  • Measure “heartbeats,” or events set at regular intervals to detect how long viewers watched a particular video

  • (This is a component of the Adobe Analytics destination)

Adobe Video Heartbeat

How Adobe Video Heartbeat Works

Adobe Video Heartbeat Analytics for Video is an add-on to the Adobe Analytics offering that provides video measurement for content and advertisements. Adobe Video Heartbeat is the successor to the legacy Adobe Milestone method and comes with many advantages over its predecessor.

Adobe Video Heartbeat provides Media Collection API integrations (REST APIs), but for the most common video players on mobile it’s better to use the iOS and Android Video Analytics SDK integrations. The SDKs still require the insertion of custom code snippets around each video player and data event you wish to track. They offer a wide variety of useful individual functions for easily capturing data, but entails significant configuration and implementation time. Data collected by the Adobe SDKs is not able to be routed to other analytic tools outside of Adobe Analytics.

Adobe Video Heartbeat

Get More Out of Adobe Video Heartbeat with Segment

If you are already using Segment, getting started with Adobe Video Heartbeat Analytics requires much less configuration. For your iOS apps, the Adobe Video Heartbeat SDK is already included with the Segment-Adobe-Analytics SDK. For Android apps, you’ll include the AdobeHeartbeat.jar file in your Android project to allow Segment to leverage full functionality.

Segment will automatically collect video events and properties according to the Segment Video Spec. Simultaneously it will map and send the data to the matching event types and properties in Adobe Analytics, without requiring the manual implementation of Adobe SDK functions. Additionally, you will have full access to the collected data and can send it to other analytics tools if you choose.

Adobe Analytics supports many of the Segment Video Spec events, covering Playback, Content, and Ads events. Each event type comes with pre-populated properties, such as title, position, length, and more. If you use YouTube or Vimeo players on your site, Segment can also automatically collect all video events and send them to Adobe Video Heartbeat. See the documentation for a complete list of events and properties able to be collected.

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Integrate Adobe Video Heartbeat with Segment

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