Adobe Analytics

Marketing analytics

  • Identifies new audiences by supporting unlimited real-time drag-and-drop segmentation and customizable reporting, so marketers can discover new high-value customers 

  • Segments mobile, web, and offline channel data so teams can run queries, develop custom workflows, and trigger automated notifications

  • Sends 24/7 alerts about anomalies in the data and trends about how people interact with mobile and other digital experiences

  • Curates customized workflows and reports, and enables performance of specialized analyses in Microsoft Excel.

Adobe Analytics

How Adobe Analytics works

Adobe Analytics is typically used for web analytics, but also offers analytics for mobile apps. On the web you can get a lot of great data by adding the javascript snippet to your site. All of your page views, traffic sources, and visitor data like device and location are collected through the out-of-the-box snippet. However, in order to collect more detailed information like what people are doing on a page, ecommerce data, or user attributes, you’ll need to install custom code hooks into your site. Adobe Analytics implementations are not simple, mostly because you or a developer will need to learn the details of the API methods and data it expects to receive to make sure things work correctly. Mobile works almost the same in that it has out-of-the-box features that get you a standard set of data tracked, but any custom or ecommerce data needs to be installed manually.

Adobe Analytics

Get more out of Adobe Analytics with Segment

When you use Adobe Analytics via Segment things get simpler. Many of the advanced features that require custom data and mapping of fields (like events, props, and eVars) can be configured in the Segment integration settings. Rather than installing new code that only works for Adobe Analytics, you can hook into existing Segment events and map them to Adobe labels without the need to edit code on your site. Segment also supports Adobe Analytics for ecommerce, mobile, and publishers. Finally, if you’re installing Segment for the first time, the effort you put into the one implementation can be used across all 200+ Segment integrations, rather than putting in that same time only just to get going with Adobe Analytics.

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