CustomerAI Personalization Engine

Personalize every LLM-powered conversation with your customer data

Infuse greater customer understanding and personalization into every customer interaction with a seamless API connection between your Segment customer data and ChatGPT or other large language models (LLMs).

Quickly build precisely personalized, AI-powered chatbots using any LLM of your choice

With the CustomerAI Personalization Engine, businesses no longer have to struggle with the technical difficulties of securely ingesting customer data into LLMs to build personalized chatbots for online recommendations, self-service marketing and pre-sales, support, or agent assistance. The LLM-agnostic Personalization Engine provides an API that taps into Segment’s customer data platform (CDP) to discern and extract only the most relevant information for every interaction while keeping the customer data itself safe and secure.

Deepen your understanding of each customer with contextualized customer data

Segment CDP provides the trusted, AI-ready data foundation needed to power intelligent customer engagement and inform every LLM interaction with relevant information about each individual customer.

Illustration: Deepen Your Understanding

Build personalized customer engagement without sacrificing data privacy

By utilizing Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG), the CustomerAI Personalization Engine listens to the customer query and— based on the natural language message—only extracts the most relevant customer data from Segment to ingest into the LLM for conversational intelligence.

Illustration: Build personalized customer engagement

Activate engagement that gets better with every customer interaction

Every interaction with each individual customer fuels a deeper, more intimate understanding for who they are and how they engage. This engagement flywheel generates better customer experiences, increased loyalty, and consistently better business outcomes.

Illustration: Activate engagement that gets better with every customer interaction
Illustration: Discover all the CustomerAI announcements from SIGNAL 2023
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Discover all the CustomerAI announcements from SIGNAL 2023

Hear from Twilio’s CEO on our latest CustomerAI product releases, including more on the CustomerAI Personalization Engine and how he sees it changing customer engagement.

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