The advantages of Segment’s purpose built Customer Data Platform

The CDP market is getting increasingly crowded and confusing for buyers. One trend driving this confusion; vendors in adjacent markets (e.g. analytics, marketing automation) have embedded CDP features into their products. Segment is a purpose built, composable, scalable customer data platform. Read on to learn about the advantages and benefits of using a purpose built CDP vs. the embedded CDP approach.

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Advantages of a purpose built CDP

Being able to unify all your customer data across every customer touchpoint leads to a more precise, 360 view, of your customers. Segment realized this early on and has spent over a decade building and refining a customer data platform that 25,000+ companies rely on to create personalized customer experiences that drive business value. Power precise customer experiences across multiple channels, all in real time with Segment. Here are the benefits of using a purpose built CDP vs an embedded CDP:

Segment is purpose built to provide a complete CDP solution

Your customer data is your most valuable asset. The CDP you choose should give you the confidence that your customer data is accurate, secured, and private. Essential features of a CDP should include: Customer Data Infrastructure, data governance, true identity resolution, reverse ETL, native data warehouse integrations and real-time orchestration. Embedded CDPs often have capability gaps. For example, an embedded CDP may lack data governance, leading to data collected without user consent. Also, because of this gap, you will have the additional burden of sourcing a separate solution for data governance.

Segment’s unlimited extensibility leads to richer, more precise profiles

From the beginning, Segment was built to interoperate and integrate with any 3rd party system. Segment’s ability to connect and unify customer data from every customer touchpoint enables companies to use all their customer data across the company to get a true 360 view of their customers. Companies are able to build rich, up to date, and precise profiles to power customer experiences. Embedded CDPs often support only a handful of native connections, limiting the quality of their profiles.

Segment has repeatedly demonstrated performance and scalability

Segment’s purpose built CDP powers experiences for the largest events in the world, like Fox Sports’s streaming broadcast of the Super Bowl. While embedded CDPs can address some niche, team-level use cases, they are often not equipped to address a wide variety of use cases nor handle the significant scale Segment handles for 25,000+ companies each day. In fact, Segment wrote the book on enterprise-wide Customer Data Maturity. Additionally, Segment is able to grow, scale, and evolve with your business, future proofing your investment over time.

Illustration: Octo Diagram

What makes Twilio Segment’s purpose built CDP better?

A best of breed, complete, integrated CDP solution

  • Customer Data Infrastructure

  • Data governance

  • Identity resolution

  • Profile management

  • Reverse ETL

  • Activation

  • Real-time orchestration

Enterprise grade, proven at scale

  • 25,000+ companies

  • 2.5M+ events/sec at peak load

  • 1.2 trillion events/month

  • 12 trillion API calls/year

  • 6 trillion rows/month synced to data warehouses

  • 99.99% uptime

  • World class support org

  • Professional services with a proprietary customer data maturity model

Easily extensible to any customer touchpoint

  • 450+ out of the box connectors, with the developer tools to build unlimited integrations

  • Support for data warehouses (pre-built integrations, Reverse ETL and Profiles Sync)

  • APIs, SDKs, developer tools

With Segment your business can:

Get full CDP functionality in a single integrated solution

Segment is a complete, best of breed CDP that provides CDI, ETL, identity resolution, profile orchestration, multi-channel activation, along with data governance and privacy compliance, all in real time. Segment accelerates time to market by eliminating the need to integrate a disparate assortment of tools to realize the benefits of a true CDP.

Leverage data from every customer touchpoint

Twilio Segment is able to stitch together every interaction you have with your customers into a single profile, which is updated in real time, and can then be used to power precisely personalized experiences. Segment’s extensive catalog of 450+ out of the box integrations, including popular data warehouses, further simplifies connections across your company. With Segment, businesses can have complete confidence that the data in their customer profiles is accurate, up to date, and able to drive up engagement rates while decreasing acquisition costs.

Evolve and scale as you grow

Segment is a purpose built CDP that has been battle tested and trusted by 25,000+ companies. Segment’s open approach and configurability means teams across the company can use and adapt Segment to address a wide variety of use cases and technical abilities, both today and as your business evolves. Segment is the best strategic choice to power your company’s customer experiences.