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Startups get $50k of free Segment.

Enterprises save 10%. Everyone gets $1,000,000 in extra SaaS tools.

Nearly every startup Demand Curve trains eventually switches to Segment. We're offering this deal to make switching even sooner a no-brainer for your whole team.

$50,000 in Free Segment!

What does Segment do? Segment automatically collects, cleans, and routes your web (and app) data into your favorite marketing and business tool. That means once you’ve set up Segment, you can set up any other tool.

Early-stage startups get $50k in free Segment

Startups that are less than 24 months old and have raised fewer than $5M get $50,000 credits toward Segment. Start using all of Segment's pro features—entirely for free.

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Later-stage startups get 10% off Segment

Later-stage companies that exceed the 24 month and $5M thresholds get a lifetime 10% off their Segment plan of choice. This discount has never been offered before.

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*This offer is not 'stackable' with the Startup program. The $50k offer is only valid on team plans, and the 10% is valid for business tier plans.

Plus, 1 year of best-in-class marketing tools

Get a free year of the tools below. These are the marketing tools Demand Curve recommends to their companies, and what Segment’s data shows are beloved by customers.

Messaging90% off

Messaging automation platform that turns your data into relevant, timely and personalized emails, push notifications, SMS and more.

Experience Analytics1 year free

FullStory records user behaviour on your site and automatically alerts you of any problems.

Experience Analytics1 year free

Hotjar informs website improvements by showing how user’s behave on your site through recordings and heatmaps.

CRM & Messaging80% off

All-in-one customer messaging platform with on-site chat widget, and automated email marketing.

Product Analytics$60k off

Analyze user behavior across your sites and apps. Then send messages and run experiments from what you learned.

Data Warehouse$20k off

Google BigQuery centralizes your data from all sources, making sure you have a full picture of your customers’ journey.

Every startup eventually switches to Segment

Demand Curve has countless stories of startups increasing ARR by $500k+ after a few hours of setting up Segment and taking advantage of its complementary marketing tools (which you’re getting for free on this page).

“The cost of a Segment investment completely beat our in-house options out of the water. It was a no-brainer in terms of cost.”

Klaus Thorup

Chief Technology Officer

Demand Curve community members get $50,000 in Segment and $1,000,000+ in marketing tools

In addition to Segment, you get a free year of, Fullstory, Intercom, Mixpanel, and many more. Have questions about this deal or Segment? Apply below to get white glove support — exclusive to Demand Curve’s community members.

How do I use Segment?

Demand Curve’s course modules demonstrate how startups tactically increase their growth using Segment.

5x Better ad performance

Create more lucrative Facebook and Instagram aad audiences by leveraging your stored user behavior.

Better growth metric tracking

Get more accurate marketing performance data across all of your tools. CAC, LTV, ARPU? We make it easier.

3x Better email conversion

Automatically segment users based on their behavior and demographics to send personalized emails and push notifications that convert better.