Facebook Ads

Targeted cross-channel ad platform

  • Creates cross-channel ads for Facebook, Instagram, and Facebook’s Audience Network

  • Video, text, canvas, slideshow, engagement, or dynamic ads to more than 1.8 billion monthly users

  • Uses Facebook’s Lookalike feature to target prospects who are similar to current audiences

  • Tracks user engagement post-click with the Facebook tracking pixel

Facebook Ads

How Facebook Ads work

Retrieving data from Facebook Ads and getting it into a data warehouse is a multi-stage process. The first challenge is deciding what to pull out and how to format that data in your warehouse. There’s a lot of data to sort through: ads, ad sets, campaigns, spend, performance. Once you decide on a data schema for your needs, you’ll next need to build an ETL pipeline that pulls data out of the Facebook Ads API, transforms it, and loads it into your data warehouse. You can also use various enterprise ETL tools, although these still require you to perform some data mapping.

Facebook Ads

Get more out of Facebook Ads with Segment

You can use Segment Sources to ETL data from Facebook Ads to your data warehouse in only a few minutes of your time. Simply authenticate your Facebook Ads account and Segment immediately starts pulling the relevant data from Facebook and queuing it for your next warehouse load. Segment loads the tables you need to analyze ad performance and join with site activity. You can easily stop loading specific tables by just unchecking a box. All the data gets loaded in a format that is designed for data analysis, making it easy to join with your other Segment data coming from analytics, email, and sales activity.

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