TV attribution and measurement

  • Innovid delivers a unified view of converged TV advertising through its cross-platform, TV measurement solution, InnovidXP.

  • Driven by over one billion video impressions processed daily and powered by our global ad server, InnovidXP empowers thousands of advertisers to measure linear and CTV together—delivering a consistent, accurate analysis of ad delivery, performance and audience reach across devices and platforms, including many walled gardens.

  • InnovidXP measures every form of TV advertising including audience demographics and attribution such as reach, frequency, unique and unduplicated reach and outcomes.

  • The granularity of impression-based insights in the platform produces the metrics that matter to local, national and global advertisers, assessing audience reach, along with the immediate impact and longer-term effects of linear, CTV and converged TV campaigns.


How Innovid works

To measure outcomes, InnovidXP tracks digital conversions (pageviews) and actions (events). This is done using a Response Tracker with JavaScript-based visit tag code and action tag code. The visit tag code is mandatory and must be placed on every page of the website or app to track visits. The action tag code is placed optionally on pages that the customer wants to track an action that is not just a visit, for example, sign up or a purchase. This code only works to send data to InnovidXP, and is required in addition to any other tracking code you have installed.

The visit and action tags fire on page(s) they are placed, while obeying the required opt-in/opt-out mechanisms. Any comparison of web volumes and Google Analytics is on a like-for-like basis as the tag is intended to interact in a consistent way with the consent criteria.


Get more out of Innovid with Segment

You can use Segment to automatically load the necessary InnovidXP code onto your Segment-tracked sites, thereby skipping any manual install. When you enable the Innovid integration in your Segment settings, Segment automatically maps all of the data you are already collecting with Segment to Innovid, in the format that they need to produce outcomes in InnovidXP.

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