Facebook Custom Audiences

User acquisition

  • Drives user acquisition from the Facebook platform 

  • Streamlines conversion, tracking, and remarketing, so marketers can manage ads from one platform

  • Supports audience uploads that can be used to target and exclude customers

  • Uses prospecting tool target ads to lookalike audiences based on uploaded audiences

Facebook Custom Audiences

How Facebook Custom Audiences works

In order to use Facebook Custom Audiences, you’ll need a reliable source of customer data. You’ll first need to create a list of either email addresses or phone numbers and upload it to the Audiences tab in the Ads Manager. That typically will be a list of customers that match certain characteristics or have performed specific actions on your website or app. From there, you can use that audiences in multiple ways, including targeting messages them, excluding them from campaigns, or generating lookalike audiences to try and find new users like them. You’ll need to go through this time consuming process of pulling a list and uploading it to Facebook every time you want to refresh the audience.

Facebook Custom Audiences

Get more out of Facebook Custom Audiences with Segment

In order to use Facebook Custom Audiences with Segment, you need to be using our Personas product. Request a demo to learn more.

Using Facebook Custom Audiences with Personas simplifies the audience creation and uploading process. Personas automates the manual process of resolving disparate customer data across devices and channels. With the Segment Identity Graph, Personas intelligently merges all user data into complete, customer-level profiles. This way you know that you are targeting the right people with the right ad.

Personas also offers an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that you can use to create Audiences that you can sync right to the Facebook platform. Every time new customers are added to that audience, it will be automatically updated in Facebook. This ensures that your campaign audiences stay fresh. It also prevents you from having to manually update your audiences in the Facebook platform.

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