is an ‘App Experience Engine’ for B2C apps where you can effortlessly craft hyper-personalized app experiences & intelligent alternative user journeys to a user or segment of users with no code.

  • Drive market reach & app usability

  • Avoid user dropouts & cart abandonment

  • Remotely control your app with real-time updates.

  • Give Product, Marketing, Sales and Support Teams (non-technical teams) more control over the end user experience results and control over how customers experience your product and can manage them better.

  • Have control over exposing new functionalities and features.

  • Get deep analytics & micro insights about ongoing and past experiences and transfer them to any third-party analytics providers.

How works works by collecting information on your users and dynamically updating your app (web/mobile) in real time. You can set the user properties (traits) from the app or sever. Likewise, you can send the user events (track events) from your app or server. Decouple your code into the dynamic configurations, which can change the value at run time. Group the dynamic configurations with team tags (like marketing, sales) and assign ownership to the business teams. The owners can set or change the configuration values, which will be immediately reflected at the client side. Create and deploy multiple experiences (variants) without coding.

Dynamic Configs
Dynamic Configs

Get more out of with Segment

Installing with Segment makes it simple to get up and running without custom code or added engineering time. All you need to do is sign up for, use our SDK on your app and connect to our Segment destination. Your current `Identify` and `Track`  data in the Segment will be available immediately in the dashboard to create custom-fit experiences. Your business team can create interesting experiences with zero code.

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