Google Ads Remarketing Lists

  • Drives user acquisition from Google properties

  • Streamline conversion, tracking, and remarketing, so marketers can manage ads from one platform

  • Support audience uploads that can be used to target and exclude customers

  • Target ads to lookalike audiences based on uploaded audiences

Google Ads Remarketing Lists

How Segment's Google Ads Remarketing Lists Destination Works

The Google Ads Remarketing Lists Destination can send audiences (lists of users) created in Personas to Google Ads as a Customer List type. These audience lists can be used serve content on Google Search, YouTube, and Gmail.

As users move in and out of the audience, Segment automatically updates the list in Google every hour. This allows you to run advertising campaigns without having manually update the list of users to target in Google Ads campaigns.

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Integrate Google Ads Remarketing Lists with Segment

Segment makes it easy to set up Google Ads Remarketing Lists.