TikTok + Twilio Segment: A match-made for marketers

The integrations between Twilio Segment and TikTok let you leverage real-time data and precisely target audiences on TikTok for effective advertising campaigns. This leads to deeper brand connections, improved brand recall, & increased product discoveries.

By Darcelle Pluviose

What happens when you combine the leading real-time data platform with the fastest moving entertainment platform of today? Well, marketers on TikTok can rejoice, because the Twilio Segment and TikTok teams have just announced a new suite of integrations that transform the advertising landscape on TikTok.

At Twilio Segment, we’ve been expanding our omnichannel engagement capabilities on every front, to help brands power personalization with real-time data at global scale. From EU Data Residency in Twilio Engage, to new integrations with TikTok and other advertising platforms, Segment is a marketer’s one stop shop for both data quality and advertising needs.

TikTok has taken the world by storm with over 1 billion users; the short-form video sharing app has quickly become a popular platform for reaching audiences with engaging content.

Combining the data foundation of Segment CDP with the TikTok platform makes personalized targeting for marketing teams easier than ever before by reducing friction and simplifying complex omnichannel campaign orchestration in one place. Segment Unify provides real-time identity resolution so businesses can easily manage a complete customer profile in one place. With our new TikTok destinations, marketers can now leverage those same profiles to enable their targeted audiences in true omni-channel campaigns.

According to TikTok,

  • 73% of TikTok viewers say they feel a deeper connection to the brands they interact with on TikTok.

  •  Brands are remembered 40% more on TikTok than on other platforms.

  • TikTok is now the fastest-growing channel for discovery with 15% of product discoveries across media channels, emails, and word of mouth.

That’s why we’re launching these integrations with TikTok across Audiences, Online, and Offline Conversions APIs. Instead of dedicating engineering resources to building one-off integrations directly with TikTok (and every other tool in your stack), you can track your events once with Segment, and send them everywhere you need them — Analytics tools, your Data Warehouse, a CRM platform, the Marketing stack, and now TikTok!

TikTok Audiences (General Availability)

If TikTok is the fastest growing platform online, your targeting had better be equally dynamic. Optimize your marketing spend and increase RoAS, using segmented audiences based on your customers’ real time data and be confident that your marketing dollars are going to the right person on the right channel.

Existing Segment customers have already come to know and love the power of Segment Unify – getting a 360° view of your customer under a unified profile, and the targeting you can do with Audiences and Journeys. Now, you can take this power to TikTok by targeting or suppressing users on TikTok to narrow in on the right audiences for specific advertisements. With TikTok and Segment, you gain a deeper understanding of your audience with unmatched detail, and use those insights to create audiences that update in real time. You can advertise to them directly on TikTok, or use the platform tools to create lookalikes, retargeting, or exclusion lists. Now you can advertise to the TikTok user base with the real-time data of your own customers.

TikTok Conversions (General Availability) and Offline Conversions (Public Beta)

As browsers become a less reliable source for sending data back to ad platforms, future-proof your stack with Segment’s TikTok Conversions API.

Using this server-side integration with the TikTok Events API, you can pass event data (conversions, checkouts, add-to-cart, website visits, and more) directly to TikTok and gain a deeper understanding of your RoAS at the conversion level, without having to rely solely on pixel data. With the ability to choose exactly what user data you want to pass to TikTok, marketers can measure campaign performance, optimize campaign performance and create targeted segments with enhanced granularity.

Harness this same power to measure the real-world impact of your digital advertising efforts with insights and cross-channel attribution using the Offline Conversions Destination, now in Public Beta!

Segment + TikTok: Better Together

Twilio Engage is built “data up” on Segment CDP with native channels, so data-driven, personalized customer experiences can be powered with data, journeys, and activation – all on one platform. By combining Segment Unify profiles within Twilio Engage and TikTok Audiences, marketers can easily power solutions like dynamic showcase ads, custom targeting, campaign optimization and attribution, and more!

By eliminating the time lag between receiving customer data and actually acting on those insights, marketers can enhance engagement and build personalized experiences that drive customer retention throughout the funnel. Marketers are already being asked to do more with less–don’t waste money on duplicative or broadly targeted ads on platforms like TikTok. Instead, improve your CAC and LTV with the leading real-time multichannel marketing platform, Twilio Engage.

Ready to get started on TikTok with Segment? Check out our docs for Audiences, Online Conversions, Offline Conversions!

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