Twilio Segment SQL, powered by Amazon Redshift

Nov 5, 2014

By Peter Reinhardt

Early this year we visited our customers in New York City and asked “what do you do with your raw analytics logs from Segment?” Five straight companies independently told us that a team of their best engineers were laboriously transforming and loading their raw Segment logs into Amazon Redshift.

Why Redshift?

Because they wanted the full power of SQL. To run deep analysis and answer detailed questions. To build recommendation algorithms. And to use business intelligence tools like Tableau, Mode Analytics, and Chartio on top of their Segment data.

Our mission is to make using customer data easy and powerful, so we thought, why not build it and save them the hassle?

Web and app tracking, straight to SQL

Today we’re releasing the latest addition to Segment’s customer data hub: direct access to your customer data in a SQL database, powered by Amazon Redshift. Redshift is immediately available as a part of our business plan.

For the first time ever, you can go all the way from user tracking on your webpage or mobile app to an enterprise-grade, SQL data warehouse with just a single line of code:


And even better, that same line of code sends data to your email marketing tools, your ad conversion pixels, your CRM, and your out-of-the-box analytics tools, too. For our existing customers, you can upgrade to SQL just by contacting us, no code changes required.

Sign up to get started.

New SQL Integrations

SQL access opens up an entirely new category of tools for Segment customers. This means we’re announcing new partnerships with best-in-class Business Intelligence tools that exercise the full power of SQL, and let you build beautiful and powerful dashboards. We’re really excited to have them join the platform!

  • Chartio is a powerful business intelligence tool designed for anyone to use. You can use their drag and drop interface to create in-depth analyses and beautiful visualizations of your data. Offer: 30 day free trial.

  • Looker is a business intelligence tool designed for the modern company. Your organization can access, control, describe, explore, and visualize your data across any browser, on any device. Offer: 30 day free trial.

  • Mode is a SQL-based analytics tool that lets you query, visualize, and share data. By capturing your entire analytical process in one place, you can achieve deeper insights as a team. Offer: Unlimited users for 30 days. Analytics templates: Mode Playbook.

  • Periscope aims to be the ultimate data visualization tool for the professional data analyst. You can realize up to 10,0000X gains in query speed, run advanced SQL queries, and quickly and easily share your dashboard. Offer: 30 day free trial.

  • RJMetrics is the business intelligence platform built for the business user. Your Segment data is consolidated with other datasets into a central data warehouse, allowing for unprecedented flexibility of analysis and a holistic view of your data. Offer: 14 day free trial.


Once you’ve signed up for Segment SQL, you’ll be able to grab credentials for these tools in your integrations control panel, and easily connect your Segment SQL database to start exploring your data.

Already in Production


Get Started

In the past, having a clean, powerful SQL data warehouse was a benefit reserved for huge corporations that spent millions of dollars and invested years of engineering effort. Segment SQL is designed to change that, and make SQL customer data accessible to a whole new group of enterprises and businesses at a fraction of the cost. We’ve tried it ourselves, and frankly the ability to answer arbitrarily detailed questions is extremely addictive.

To boot up your own cluster, shoot us an email

PS. If you’re going to AWS re:Invent in Vegas, come say hello! We’ll be at Booth 247 demoing Segment SQL for the first time. Email to schedule a meeting!

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