Segment Launches Native Integration Combining Powerful Data Infrastructure with Intelligence of IBM Watson Assistant

Twilio Segment has partnered with IBM Watson Assistant to build a seamless integration between our two platforms

By Darcelle Pluviose
IBM + Segment

Twilio Segment has partnered with IBM Watson Assistant to build a seamless integration between our two platforms. This integration allows enterprises to use the breadth of Segment's Customer Data Platform – in combination with Watson Assistant's powerful AI –to gain deeper insight into users and better understand their needs.

As companies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter shift away from third-party cookies, marketing teams look for more innovative and productive methods to use their first-party data. One of these popular methods is conversational AI, transforming inbound customer interactions into meaningful data to increase conversion rates and further personalize multi-channel campaigns. 

Virtual assistants are great in theory – until you’re being routed in circles, only to end up giving the same answers to a live agent that you already gave to the bot. That’s where Conversational AI comes in, providing companies a way to offer best-in-class service to every customer with unmatched scale. With a robust offering in place, a virtual assistant should collect every detail from all customer interactions and make that data accessible across a company’s tech stack. So it’s no wonder companies are turning to AI when, according to the latest Forrester TEI report, Watson Assistant customers achieve 337% in ROI in under 6 months.

Watson Assistant uses cognitive AI that understands customers in context to provide fast, consistent, and accurate answers across any application, device, or channel. By connecting the IBM source to their workspace, customers can send data from Watson Assistant to any of the Analytics, Warehouse, and Raw Data applications in Segment’s integrations catalog. Data from Watson Assistant is made accessible to business teams across an organization, directly in their favorite tools.

The Watson Assistant source is now available through the Watson Assistant Enterprise plan

This native integration offers enterprises an end-to-end solution that allows virtual assistants powered by Watson to offer deeper personalization based on real-world needs — from purchasing decisions to account details — while remaining easy to implement and scale. Data from Watson Assistant can also be used to inform better onboarding and product adoption practices. By combining the dynamic AI of IBM Watson Assistant with the powerful data infrastructure of Segment, companies can better understand their users across various channels under a single customer view. 

The Watson Assistant Limited Experience is free to any Watson Enterprise customer, and they can unlock full use of Segment by reaching out to their Watson Assistant account representative. 

With full use of Segment, customers can free up engineering teams by automating the manual processes currently used to analyze Watson Assistant data. By connecting to Segment, Watson AI can influence behaviors across a company's technical ecosystem.

As your own team looks to prepare for the continual depreciation of third-party data, prioritize first-party data and future-proof your stack with tools like Segment for IBM Watson Assistant.

Looking to connect to Watson Assistant? Click here. 

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