Public Beta: Activate Golden Profiles in the Warehouse


By Sean Spediacci

We are excited to announce that Profiles Sync and Reverse ETL are now available in public beta. The public beta of Twilio Segment’s Profiles Sync and Reverse ETL empowers our customers to achieve a new level of customer data management flexibility, control, and unlocks new and exciting use cases that customers can build on.

Unlock Customer Data

Profiles Sync is a new solution that enables organizations to synchronize their identity-resolved customer data into the data warehouse. This allows organizations to create a comprehensive and accurate view of their customers. By introducing profile data from Segment with data in the warehouse, customers can build golden customer profiles that can be used to create personalized experiences in any channel.

Profiles Sync (Nicole Davis)

Use Cases:

  • Golden Profile - Join Profiles and other customer data to build a single view of the customer

  • Advanced Audiences - Build advanced audiences based on traits or other customer information in the warehouse

  • Attribution Analysis - Build dashboards that help Marketers understand the steps that lead to customers buying the product

  • Machine Learning - Feed ML models to reduce customer acquisition costs, increase lifetime value, and inspire engagement and loyalty

  • Identity Graph Monitoring - Get insights on Identity Resolution and uncover how identity decisions were made

Activate and Share Data Anywhere

Reverse ETL, on the other hand, is a new feature in which data is extracted from the data warehouse system and then loaded into a destination application.

rETL Image

Use Cases:

  • Golden Profile Activation - Send data in the warehouse back into Segment that can be activated in all supported destinations, including Twilio Engage and other platforms

  • Sales Efficiency - Sync lead scores created in the warehouse to Salesforce to customize interactions with prospects and optimize sales opportunities

  • Audience Building - Sync audiences and other data built in the warehouse to Braze, Iterable, or Hubspot or Salesforce Marketing Cloud for personalized marketing campaigns

  • Self-service reporting - Connect Google Sheets to a view in the warehouse for other business teams to have access to up-to-date reports

  • Self-service analytics - Sync enriched data to Mixpanel for a more complete customer view

  • Improved ad performance reporting - Pass offline or enriched data to conversion APIs like Facebook, Google Ads, TikTok, Snapchat

More Powerful Together

rETL+Profiles Sync Together

Together, Profiles Sync and Reverse ETL provide a powerful solution for managing and analyzing customer data. Profiles Sync enables organizations to create comprehensive customer profiles, while Reverse ETL ensures that the data in those profiles is always up-to-date, accurate, and available where you need it. With these features packaged into the CDP, customers benefit from leveraging the best parts of the Segment infrastructure. 

Profiles Sync and Reverse ETL are reliable, as they are built on robust and scalable technologies already available within the CDP. Profiles sync is a natural extension of our powerful identity resolution capabilities, that has been developed over years and enables you to open this data directly to the warehouse. Ultimately, this allows organizations to handle profile creation across large amounts of data and users –utilizing Segment’s mature and performant systems and without having to manage or troubleshoot performance issues at scale.

Plus, these features are fully extensible, as they take advantage of the open platform that Segment has already built with our leading destinations catalog and Developer Center for companies to build their own integrations. This allows any customer to customize and expand the capabilities of their Reverse ETL pipelines, and to integrate them with other systems and platforms. 

Finally, Segment has always provided easy to access observability of your event and pipelines. Profiles Sync and Reverse ETL. This enables organizations to monitor and analyze the data flow between all your systems and platforms. It also allows you to identify and troubleshoot any issues with the data pipeline easily. No need to build or monitor another disparate system - it is all built into a single platform that your team already uses.

Ultimately, using a CDP alongside your warehouses enables your marketing and data teams to work directly on the data you rely on already and make it easier to activate within the systems you already use.

Get Started

Profiles Sync and Reverse ETL public beta is now available and will be rolling out to all eligible customers over the following days. If you’re a customer already, you only need to log in to your account and follow our docs for Reverse ETL or docs on Profiles Sync for how to set up your first models or begin syncing profile data to your warehouse. 

We’re looking for partners to give us feedback on how they anticipate using these features and where we’re going. If you’re not currently a customer and are looking to learn more about how a CDP and data warehouse can work better together - sign up for a demo today!

  1. You must be a Twilio Engage customer to participate in the public beta for Profiles Sync. To get started with Twilio Engage, request a demo.

  2. All Twilio Segment customers qualify to receive access to the public beta for Reverse ETL. If you are not a customer and would like to get started, create a free account today.

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