New Webhooks Liberate Your Data in Real-Time!


By Ilya Volodarsky

One of the biggest benefits to switching to Segment is that you’re no longer locked-in to any single analytics tool. Today, we’re taking that one step farther. Our new Webhooks integration lets you get your raw data in real-time, anywhere you want!


How do Webhooks work?

Every time an API call hits our servers, we’ll forward that call on to your servers in additions to any analytics tools you’ve enabled in our interface. That means that whenever you record a user’s actions with our track() method, or their traits with our identify() method, we’ll send that data to you in real-time.

We’ll call your webhook endpoint with a full JSON representation of the track or identify. You can check out the exact format in our docs.

Turn it on in 3 seconds.

Enabling the new Webhooks integration is super easy, just enter your URL endpoint on your Integrations page and we’ll start sending your data to you:


We’ve even written a small example server to show you what ingesting your own webhooks data might look like. Check it out!

There are tons of possibilities!

Our users have already thought up a bunch of ways to use webhooks:

  1. Send data to your own custom analytics tools, be it statsd, batsd, or even a completely custom company dashboard. With webhook data streaming to your servers it’s incredibly easy!

  2. Build custom features for your clients’s applicatons that respond to user actions tracked via Segment and trigger automated tasks, like emailing receipts or invitations.

  3. Merge revenue data from your Segment events with the data you receive from their payment provider to get the full picture for each customers revenue, including refunds and chargebacks.

  4. Add support for new services that we haven’t added to Segment yet.

The Webhooks integration is available immediately in Segment so you can try it today! If you think up any cool new ones of your own let us know.

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