New in Developer Center: QA automation, predictive analytics, conversion rate optimization, and more

By Sasha Blumenfeld, Sudheendra Chilappagari

In the last month, the Segment partner ecosystem has been busy building several new integrations for you and your team. From machine learning tools to automated QA platforms, we’ve added 11 new integrations, allowing you to activate your first-party data in even more of the tools that you use every day. 

Check out the list of our latest partner-built integrations now available on the Segment catalog below.


Asayer | Digital Experience Optimization | Destination

  • Who is it for: SaaS Engineering teams

  • What is it: Asayer is a session replay tool that captures the complete picture of each user session on your website. It makes it easy to reproduce bugs, uncover key frustrations, improve performance and automate your tests—all in one place.

  • How does it work with Segment: Events you collect through Segment are passed to Asayer, which you can then use to search and view your user sessions.


Custify | Customer Success | Destination

  • Who is it for: SaaS companies 

  • What is it: Custify is a customer success platform that gives you a single view of your customer across different tools and touchpoints. Manual customer success workflows are automated, tasks and reminders presented actionably and each customer can be contacted proactively to avoid churn while increasing upsells and signups at the same time.  

  • How does it work with Segment: Custify will receive your customer data and their interactions with your product via Segment. You will be able to start segmenting your customer base, create playbooks and monitor customer lifecycles within a few minutes after integrating with Segment. No developer time is needed. 


Hydra | Machine Learning | Destination |

  • Who is it for: B2B Marketing, Sales and Customer Success teams

  • What is it: Hydra is a predictive analytics solution that allows you to build your own A.I. models in a few clicks to find valuable insights from your data. Hydra relays these insights to your marketing, sales, and customer success platforms to support a range of use cases including automatic customer segmentation, prioritization, campaign personalization, and hyper-targeting.

  • How does it work with Segment: Using Segment not only simplifies the set-up process but guarantees access to consistent and clean data to feed your models. 


Klenty | Sales Engagement | Source

  • Who is it for: Inside Sales team

  • What is it: Klenty is an email automation solution focused on sales follow up. Klenty helps automate top-of-the-sales funnel activities like sending targeted email campaigns, following up, tracking engagement metrics, etc; so that your sales teams can focus more on building relationships and closing more deals.

  • How does it work with Segment: Send your email engagement data from Klenty to your favorite analytical tools and build extensive reports and analytical dashboards. 


mabl | End-to-End Automated Testing | Destination

  • Who is it for: Software Quality Engineers and Developers

  • What is it: mabl provides a cloud-based platform for end-to-end web UI testing, including workflows with email and PDF components. Users can create scriptless, auto-healing tests using mabl's chrome extension and integrate them into their CI/CD pipeline. mabl monitors your test results for Javascript errors, visual anomalies, and performance degradation.  

  • How does it work with Segment: Integrating Segment into mabl allows you to view your test coverage with actual user behavior. Combine your Segment data with test results and other measure of web page importance and complexity to help you focus your ongoing testing efforts. 


Mammoth | Data Preparation | Destination

  • Who is it for: Data Analysts

  • What is it: A self-service data management platform that provides powerful tools and automation capabilities to transform, analyze, and derive insights on complex data without any coding.

  • How does it work with Segment: Send your web, mobile, CRM, email data, and more directly to Mammoth Analytics where you can prototype data workflows for easy data exploration and analysis.


Moesif | Analytics | Source

  • Who is it for: B2B and API companies

  • What is it: Moesif provides API analytics to better understand how your customers and partners use your APIs. Understand and visualize the entire journey of how customers and partners adopt and use your APIs. Discover issues in your integration funnel that stall growth while understanding which API features your most valuable customers are using the most.

  • How does it work with Segment: Connect Moesif API Analytics to Segment to sync API insights to your favorite BI, CRM, and marketing automation tools. See which customers have integrated your APIs and how much they are using them in your favorite CRM. Send targeted emails and trigger marketing automation playbooks depending on which API features your customers are using.


NorthStar | Growth Hacking Management | Destination

  • Who is it for: Growth Hackers, CRO

  • What is it: NorthStar helps growth teams to manage the entire growth process, from ideation and prioritization up to analyzing and learning.

  • How does it work with Segment: By integrating NorthStar with Segment, growth teams are able to automatically populate the results of their tests into a card, making it easier to gather data and analyze its results.


ProveSource | Conversion Rate Optimization | Source 

  • Who is it for: Marketers and Conversion Rate Optimizers

  • What is it: ProveSource is a social proof marketing platform that streams recent customer behaviors on your website to build trust and increase conversions. You can show who recently purchased or signed up on your website as well as positive reviews from other platforms. Display the number of live visitors, page visitors, or show generic notifications. You can fully customize all aspects of the notifications, from design and position to timing rules and behavior.

  • How does it work with Segment: ProveSource sends all of the visitors' interaction data like views, hovers, clicks, and goal completions to Segment, which lets you analyze and measure the effect social proof has on your website.


Serenytics | Destination | Dashboards

  • Who is it for: Marketing teams

  • What is it: Serenytics is a self-service BI platform that allows you to create dashboards and share and schedule reports easily. Serenytics also provides a built-in Amazon Redshift data warehouse where your data will be stored and an ETL to aggregate and filter it. For custom needs, you can run your Python scripts (with credentials to access your data) within the platform.

  • How does it work with Segment: The Serenytics Destination lets you easily create dashboards to explore your first-party customer data or merge it with your other data sources for more granular analysis. 


Trackier | Performance Marketing Software | Source

  • Who is it for: Affiliate networks, ad agencies, and ad networks

  • What is it: Trackier software helps marketers determine the ROI for their online marketing activities by tracking digital marketing spend, impressions, clicks, conversions, installs, and media usage. Trackier provides detailed reports and visualizations like date-range reports, daily activities, performing partners, etc to give you full visibility into the performance of all of your campaigns in one place. 

  • How does it work with Segment: Segment allows you to get even more granular with your reporting in Trackier to determine which campaigns influenced high-intent customer behavior.

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