Announcing the new powerful Segment+ Movable Ink integration

By Matthew Wilk

Twilio Segment Personas is now part of Segment’s Twilio Engage product offering.

It’s no secret that marketers have endless amounts of data at their fingertips. You may have started the process of creating target audiences and tagging users on their specific traits, but are you using this data to its full advantage? 

Segment Personas enriches user-level profiles based on audience, event, and behavioral traits, such as a last purchased item or a customer’s favorite color. By integrating Segment Personas with Movable Ink you can transform all the data you have into personalized content your customers will engage with. 

With Movable Ink, you can create personalized content in your messaging channels by leveraging any data you have, no matter where it lives. You no longer need to worry about manually coding multiple variations of content. Instead, you can reuse personalized modules in cross-channel campaigns that update based on the recipient's most recent interactions. Brands leveraging Movable Ink have experienced lifts in click-through rate & reductions in content production time by 40%.

The power of the Profile API

Movable Ink activates any customer data points that live within Segment to personalize their customer engagement, allowing brands to fully leverage their data in an impactful way. By tapping into Segment’s Profile API, mutual customers can generate infinite content variations creating a unique experience for each user. This is how relevant, targeted campaigns are born. Spending and browsing data can now be used in tandem with engaging creative.

There are many ways brands can leverage traits and audiences from the Personas Profile API to power personalized campaigns. Here are a few of them: 

  • Product Affinities: Display relevant product information based on specific customer profile data. For example, show a discounted blue tent if the customer last purchased a hiking backpack, their favorite color is blue, and they tend to be a discount shopper. 

  • Loyalty Status: Generate a loyalty module to automate the customer’s recent-time points, leaving less work for marketers behind the scenes.

  • Onboarding Status: In a welcome email, display a checklist of the actions the customer has taken and highlight the ones left to complete.

The flexibility of Segment Personas means the sky's the limit in terms of what marketers can do with this integration. Any data stored within Segment becomes accessible for Movable Ink to power personalized content.

The Movable Ink and Segment Personas integration not only makes content more interesting, but more accurate because the most recent information is being shared. Building a sense of trust with the customer plays an integral role in creating a successful campaign that drives engagement and increases revenue. 

As marketers think about the benefits of building a trusted relationship, it’s also important to focus on the advantages of using a CDP as part of a cross-channel strategy. This way, there is consistency and integrity alongside all messaging platforms, whether it be in email or in-app messaging.

Customers don’t experience data; they experience content. Movable Ink is the missing piece to the puzzle when it comes to turning this data into a visual, personalized experience that makes an audience captivated and eager to come back for more.

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