8 essential talks to watch to learn about growth

Watch eight growth thought leaders share their secrets to success.

By Jes Kirkwood

Want to master growth, but don’t have the time or money to make it happen? Not to worry.

In this blog post, we offer a collection of free, on-demand videos — featuring thought leaders like Brian Balfour, Wes Bush, and Carlos González de Villaumbrosia — that can help you learn the fundamentals of growth. Watch them anywhere, at any time, in any order to grow your knowledge and skills and help move your career forward.  

Brian Balfour

1. The four fits framework for $100M+ growth 

Companies with $100M+ growth share commonalities that set them apart from the competition. In this session, Reforge’s Brian Balfour shares the framework he uses to evaluate and drive growth strategy for his portfolio companies. Watch the video.

Guillaume Cabane

2. Building a marketing moat to crush the competition

How can product and marketing help you to stand out from the competition and grow fast? In this session, growth advisor Guillaume Cabane shares his own growth tactics, which leverage data to blow past the competition and grow market share. Watch the video.

Hannah Hudson

3. How to build a better product experience with user research

The key to growth is deeply understanding your users’ needs and delivering experiences that exceed their expectations. And while data can give you many clues into your users’ behavior, user research is key to understand what really makes them tick. In this session, Segment’s Hannah Hudson shares four user research tips that can fuel your growth efforts. Watch the video.

Wes Bush

4. Product-led growth fundamentals 

Product-led growth may be a buzzword, but it’s also an effective strategy. In this session, ProductLed’s Wes Bush introduces you to product-led growth (PLG), including what it means to be product-led, why PLG is more important than ever, and how to kickstart the PLG transformation in your organization. Watch the video.

Jaime DeLanghe

5. Making safe bets with good data

Customer insight is the foundation of any good product development process. With it, you can build the products your customers want and need that propel your business forward. In this session, Slack’s Jaime DeLanghe will talk about how the company has managed to build one of the most well-adopted collaboration tools in recent history. Watch the video.

Calvin French-Owen

6. The tools your team will use tomorrow 

There are thousands of tools out there to choose from, which makes it hard to assess which tools you’ll outgrow in the next two months versus the ones you’ll use for years. In this session, Segment’s Calvin French-Owen will share tool-switching trends we’ve seen to give you a window into what’s next for your stack. Watch the video.

James Currier

7. An introduction to network effects

Leveraging network effects is a powerful way to grow your business. In this session, NFX’s James Currier walks you through his framework for understanding and building network effects with case studies from Uber and Trulia. Watch the video.

Carlos González de Villaumbrosia

8. The characteristics of successful product leaders 

Product’s role has evolved in recent years.  In this session, Product School’s Carlos González de Villaumbrosia sits down with Segment’s Ben Galbraith to chat about the skills product managers need to be successful. Watch the video.

Watch more talks by growth thought leaders

Your growth education doesn’t have to end here. To learn how to build better products for your customers and grow your business, head over to Growth Masters and view our entire collection of on-demand videos. 

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