Introducing Growth Masters, an on-demand video collection covering all things product and growth

By Doug Roberge

There’s a lot that goes into building an amazing product, but there’s no definitive guidebook on how to do it right. As a product manager, you need the right skill-set and the right tactics to make sure you’re accurately analyzing customer feedback, prioritizing the right features, bringing those features to market in the best ways, and iterating quickly to maximize adoption.

Learn from seasoned practitioners

Growth Masters is a free, on-demand video collection that will teach you both the fundamentals and cutting-edge tactics of product management and growth.


It includes:

  • On-demand video lessons. Learn from the masters with 10 information-packed lessons led by Gustaf Alstromer (Y Combinator), Guillaume Cabane (Growth Ex Machina), Lex Roman (Founder at and more. The video lessons cover a range of topics like finding your viral loop, running meaningful experiments, and perfecting your onboarding flow. 

  • Informative cheat sheets and slide decks. No time to watch a full lesson? No problem. For each video, we’ve consolidated the key learnings into an easily digestible format so you can get the insights quickly and share the content with your team. You’ll also get access to the decks presented by the masters throughout the series so you can dive deeper!

  • Exclusive AMAs. Participants in Growth Masters get insider access to “ask-me-anythings” with the experts featured in the videos. These events allow you to get your specific questions answered by these experienced product leaders. Need to validate an assumption? Want to get more detail on something that was covered in a lesson? AMAs are your chance!

  • In-person lessons and networking events. Build your community and connect with other PMs during live events hosted at Segment offices around the world. You can build your network, share your experiences, and uncover new opportunities from folks that are going through (or have already gone through) what you’re working on.

Growth Masters taps into Segment’s extensive network of product and growth leaders to provide strategy tips, tool recommendations, and peer-to-peer connections all in one place. Whether you’re an experienced product manager or new to the role, Growth Masters will help you refine or build the skills that will take you — and the products you work on — to the next level. 


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Last year, Segment helped companies implement 86,551 tools, save over 4,000 years of engineering time, and process over 130,000 user events per second. In doing so, Segment has enabled thousands of product managers to generate accurate customer insights, build better products, and grow their business by democratizing access to data. We want to help you, too.

We’re leveraging our extensive community of product leaders to make their combined learnings available to you in a convenient, time-effective format. After all, we all benefit from a world with better products!

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