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Growth & Marketing

How to Achieve Data Democratization in Your Business

Learn how to achieve data democratization within your business.

Kelly KirwanJan 13, 2023
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Growth & Marketing

7 ways to ‘ai-mplify’ your marketing strategy using artificial intelligence

We share methods to use ever-evolving AI to improve, safeguard, and personalize your marketing campaigns.

Growth & Marketing

How to collaborate across marketing & engineering teams when purchasing new technology

Learn how to align and collaborate across marketing and engineering teams, especially when it comes to launching new marketing software that benefits them both.

Growth & Marketing

How to supercharge your loyalty and referral programs with a customer data platform

Harness Twilio Segment's CDP and seamlessly incorporate it into referral and loyalty programs to tap into the utmost potential of your customer data.

Growth & Marketing

Three ways to mobilize your customer data for lead gen with Twilio Segment and HubSpot

When you integrate a powerful Customer Data Platform like Twilio Segment with HubSpot, you can unlock more lead generation opportunities. Here’s how.

Growth & Marketing

Organizational Silos: Causes, Cons, and How to Break Down Departmental Walls

A guide to breaking down the organizational silos that hinder productivity within a business.

Growth & Marketing

Individualization without cookies: The missing ingredient

In the face of the imminent phase-out of third-party cookies, this blog explores how customer data platforms like Twilio Segment can help digital marketers deliver personalized experiences in a cookieless world.

Growth & Marketing

5 Key Insights from CDP Live: Retaining Customers Through Data-First Strategies

CDP Live, the virtual half-day summit held on May 10th, brought together industry frontrunners from companies such as Meta, Snyk, Nextdoor, Blend360, and Talon.One to unpack the role of data-first strategies in customer retention.

Growth & Marketing

A Business Guide to Marketing Campaign Orchestration

A quick guide to marketing campaign orchestration

Growth & Marketing

Be an Efficiency Superhero: Save Time and Resources with New Integrations and Developer Tools

Segment is launching 9 new Actions Destinations, and Developer Center 2.0.

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