Segment’s Commitment to Open Source

Last week, we became aware of an interesting conversation happening online, specifically around the usage of Segment’s open source code – namely our libraries & SDKs. We thought it would be helpful to add some background of our own.


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Segment + Wilco: The Quest for better learning options

Introducing Wilco - a platform for hands-on tech learning with real-world simulations. It encourages readers to try Wilco for free.

Extensibility at Segment v2 (2)
Engineers & Developers

Extensibility at Segment: Use Mobile Plugins to enable Location-aware Marketing

Follow OwlEats, a food delivery startup, that uses Segment's mobile plugins to seamlessly integrate location data, enhancing customer targeting and incentivizing in-store pickups.


3 things we learned at CDP Week 2023: AI Edition

At CDP Week 2023, we looked at how AI trends are shaping customer experiences. Here's the recap.

trait activation v1
Engineers & Developers

Introducing Trait Activation: improve advertising ROI with better match rates

Trait Activation empowers marketers to enhance audience match rates, personalize messaging content, and streamline identifier management, ultimately optimizing advertising ROI and reducing operational costs while ensuring privacy-conscious data use.


Announcing Twilio Segment’s New Partnership with Elastic Path: Streamlining Personalized Commerce Experiences

Our partnership with Elastic Path streamlines ecommerce personalization, empowering digital teams to launch dynamic storefronts and shoppable content that adapt in real-time, driving conversions, retention, and increased margin contribution for brands.

Growth & Marketing

How product data can supercharge ABM and enterprise growth

From how ABM makes all the difference in product-led orgs to strategies for personalized executive outreach and deepening existing customer relationships, here are practical insights for those aiming to leverage product interactions for strategic growth.

Engineers & Developers

Implementing Analytics React Native 2.0 and Braze

This blog shares a complete implementation of Analytics for React Native and includes a 'real-world' example.


Build a modern customer data foundation with Segment and Databricks

Explore how to create a modern data foundation with a customer data platform and a data lake, revolutionizing the way businesses harness the power of their data for enhanced customer experiences and AI advancements.


Insights from Advertising Week 2023: AdTech and AI lead the future

We share key insights from sponsoring Ad Week, discussing the opportunities in the advertising industry, the role of AI in enhancing creativity and efficiency, and the importance of first-party data in the evolving landscape of ad personalization.

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Customer Data & Analytics

Understand the needs of your customers by analyzing how they interact with your website, app, and product.

Customer Data & Analytics

What is a Data Pipeline? + How Do They Work

Customer Data & Analytics

How to Prevent Data Discrepancies Before They Occur

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