Improve customer LTV with Twilio Segment

Create lasting customer relationships with trusted, relevant experiences

Improve customer lifetime value (LTV) and engagement by proactively understanding and responding to their evolving preferences, delivering the right experience at the right time.

Illustration: Create lasting customer relationships with trusted, relevant experiences

Join the 25,000+ companies using the Segment platform

Grow customer lifetime value with unified data

Prevent churn and cultivate loyalty with real-time insights, predictive AI, and scalable multichannel personalization.

Illustration: Grow customer lifetime value with unified data  

A complete view of every customer

Happy customers are satisfied customers. Twilio Segment ensures customer satisfaction by breaking down data silos, providing a unified customer view across teams and tools.

Adapt to changing customer behavior in real-time

Twilio Segment enables immediate adaptation to ever-changing customer behaviors, ensuring relevant experiences while maintaining privacy with real-time data activation.

Build smarter, highly targeted audiences

Twilio Segment pinpoints ready-to-buy and at-risk customers, enabling the creation of targeted, timely audiences for personalized, conversion-driven experiences.

Boost cross-sell and upsell

Maximize conversion and grow average order values by creating timely experiences that offer relevant, complimentary items and encourage upgrades.

Illustration: Boost cross-sell and upsell

Better understand your customers’ needs

With unified customer profiles that track preferences and behaviors in real-time, you can quickly see and serve up exactly what complimentary or advanced products your customers want.

Effortlessly identify customers ready for additional purchases

Use predictive AI to anticipate customers' needs and identify those ready for upgrades, enhancing satisfaction and boosting average order values.

Win hearts and carts

Boost repeat purchases and customer loyalty by offering timely incentives and experiences tailored to each stage of the customer journey.

Personalize communications

Strengthen customer relationships and grow your brand by personalizing customer interactions on every channel from a unified, data-first multichannel marketing solution.

Illustration: Personalize communications

Customize every experience for relevance and revenue

Twilio Segment enables personalization across all channels by updating customer profiles and audiences in real-time, matching communication to every new action.

Prioritize privacy to encourage trust

Customers trade personal information for tailored experiences. Twilio Segment fosters trust and loyalty with personalized, compliant campaigns built with first-party data.

Personalize every interaction with predictive AI

With CustomerAI Predictions, discover engagement-ready audiences and predict customer behavior by analyzing historical data, enhancing campaign performance, and personalization all without relying on data science teams.

Product Recommendations

Easily discover, target, and engage customers who are most likely to purchase a specific product, brand, or product category.

Illustration: Product Recommendations

Take the guesswork out of product recommendations

We simplify product recommendations and campaign targeting without the need for technical teams, eliminating the complexity of product and journey mapping.

Deliver personalized product recommendations that resonate

Easily identify high-intent audiences and launch personalized, multichannel experiences showcasing products, brands, and categories people are most likely to buy using CustomerAI Recommendations (Beta).

Increase conversion and retention while optimizing inventory management

Demonstrate your understanding of customer preferences and efficiently manage inventory by aligning custom audiences with offers that lead to more likely purchases.

Customer service personalization

Seamlessly infuse customer insights into every customer interaction.

Illustration: Customer service personalization

Help your chatbots know every customer

Integrating Twilio Segment customer profiles with your chatbot elevates personalized service by supplying vital information for every interaction, transitioning from simple responses to deeply understanding each customer’s needs.

Personalize customer service interactions without sacrificing data privacy

Twilio Segment's CustomerAI Personalization Engine (coming soon) will use natural language processing to analyze and respond to customer chatbot queries with only relevant data to enable personalized, privacy-controlled interactions.

Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty

Twilio Segment equips your support and sales teams alongside chatbots and LLMs with relevant, real-time customer context necessary for fostering trusted relationships and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Why Segment

Real-time customer insights at your fingertips

We deliver real-time, enriched, and clean customer profiles with consented data, making it easier to engage customers meaningfully across all touchpoints.

AI-driven orchestration for customer satisfaction

We use predictive AI, journey orchestration, and plug-and-play integrations to help our customers easily launch personalized campaigns that boost sales and foster loyalty.

Enterprise scale you can trust

As the #1 customer data platform (CDP) in 2022 market share per IDC*, Twilio Segment is trusted by over 25,000 companies to reliably deliver trusted personalization at scale.

Twilio Segment powers the world’s leading brands

From startups to global enterprises, see what businesses have achieved with the Twilio Segment customer data platform.

Allergan relaunched its Allē loyalty program using Twilio Segment to identify what types of content visitors engage most with in order to recommend the most relevant treatments. The team can create targeted audiences and send timely and personalized offers to increase product cross-sells, encourage repeat visits, and enhance the user’s journey across Allergan’s portfolio of products.


in sales driven in 2021 YTD by direct-to-consumer (DTC)

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