What’s new at Twilio Segment: Consolidated notifications, throughput monitoring, and a step-by-step workspace setup

By Cindy Berman, Madelyn Mullen

Knowledge is power. Now it’s even easier for you to manage your customer data flowing into Segment and unlock the most value for your teams. Over the last few weeks, we’ve launched new features, including a centralized location to easily configure and manage your workspace notifications. You can also receive detailed insights into the amount and types of data you’re sending to Segment. It’s also easier for you to set up and customize your workspace, through the new workspace home setup flow. In addition, you can quickly configure and label source environments as “Dev” or “Prod” to control who has access to each.

Here are the latest features, product updates, and integrations launched at Segment.


Have you ever wanted to manage all of your workspace notifications for sources, destinations, and warehouses in one place? Now you can! Through a new UI, you can easily see and subscribe to all your notifications in a consolidated place. With more granular options, you can subscribe to the workspace updates that matter most to you. For example, you may just want to be notified when a source is created or deleted, instead of receiving all source notifications.

If you’re an existing customer, you can review your notification preferences by navigating to your workspace settings in the app and selecting “Notification Settings” under “User Preferences.” 


Customers now have increased visibility into which data types are flowing into their Segment workspace. Customers on a business plan can see their throughput count in the app, broken out by the number of API calls and objects they send to Segment (per MTU). With this visibility, you can now monitor how you’re trending against your account’s limits.


Sample throughput count

Here are a few more Connections updates:

  • Workspace home setup: To help you start getting value from Segment even faster, we released a new workspace home setup. It provides step-by-step guidance for all the tasks you’ll need to accomplish to get your data flowing into Segment and have your workspace up and running. It’s now even easier for you to add new sources, as well as send your data to your favorite tools for email, marketing, analytics, and more. The new workspace home is currently available to customers on our Team plan. Business plan customers can request access by emailing beta@segment.com.

  • Separate user permissions based on environment: As a best practice, we recommend customers separate their sources by environment (Dev, Prod, etc). But, we’ve also heard from customers that there isn’t an easy way to do this in the app beyond naming the source (e.g., “iOS - Dev” and “iOS - Prod”). Instead of manually naming your sources, you can now apply a label to each source based on the environment. This not only makes it more clear which sources include prod data and which sources include dev data, but it also enables you to set granular permissions based on environment. For example, you could give your QA team access to only sources with the “Dev” label. You can also filter your workspace view by environment to quickly view only your prod sources. To get started with environment labels, visit the source settings tab and select the relevant environment from the dropdown. 

We’re always adding new integration partners to the Segment Catalog. Here are a few of our latest integrations:

  • PixelMe - PixelMe's acquisition tools let you measure your attribution across channels, track ROI, and get a clear view of all your marketing efforts.

  • Lazy Lantern - Autonomous anomaly detection for product metrics. Connect your Segment account with just a few clicks and get notified when something doesn't look right — no coding involved. 

  • Airship - Send meaningful messages at every stage of the customer lifecycle based on event triggers and user attributes from your Segment data. 

  • WalkMe - A Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) which accelerates digital transformation across an entire software stack using analytics insights, in-app guidance, user segmented engagement, and automation tools.

  • Podsights - Measure the effectiveness of your podcast advertising by connecting downloads with on-site activity through household matching, cross-device graphs, custom URLs, and discount codes.

  • FactorsAI - Advanced and intuitive analytics for marketers and product managers to help drive growth. Connect your Segment data to capture different metrics, trends, and funnels and create intuitive and shareable dashboards.

  • FunnelFox - Connecting FunnelFox to Segment enables you to include website and product events into your sales funnel. In just a few clicks your customer information gets automatically updated, new leads flow into your CRM, and your pipeline can be updated based on events like form submits or product signups.

Looking for an integration, not in our Segment Catalog? Add your request now to Segment’s Integration Wishlist or upvote existing requests, all directly from the app.

Want to get early access to Segment features?

We’re always working on new beta products and features for customers. Become a beta participant to receive early access to these features.

Here are a few of the betas we’re actively recruiting for:

Reach out to beta@segment.com to request access to a beta today!

Want to learn about the latest Protocols updates? Check out this blog to review the latest updates, including collaboration, versioning, and libraries. 

We’re always making updates to Segment! To see everything for yourself, log in to your workspace.

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