What’s new at Twilio Segment: Wish lists, improved SQL traits, and audience insights

By Andy Schumeister, Doug Roberge, Sasha Blumenfeld, Kevin Garcia

It’s no secret that personalized marketing can make all the difference for your customers. Whether you’re creating new audiences or building the campaigns you want them to experience, you need the right data flowing and the right tools to get the job done.

Over the past month, we’ve launched new features that make it easier to request the tools you want and better connect the tools you already have. We’ve also updated Personas to give you more control over how you create audiences and offer more insights into how those audiences overlap.

Here’s the latest features, product updates, and integrations launched at Segment.


Our partners have added over 10 new integrations (see below) in the last few weeks and we want to hear from you about which integrations they should build next.

We recently launched Wishlists, which give you the power to add new integration requests and upvote existing requests directly from the Segment app. We’ll then work with partners to make sure the integrations you need come to life.

Add your request now →

Here are a few other recent Connections launches:

  • Our S3 Destination now allows customers to encrypt objects using their own encryption keys hosted in AWS Key Management Service. See our docs → 

  • Our AWS Lambda Destination now makes it easy to execute serverless code based on any call from Segment. Read our blog post →

  • Segment has expanded support for our Braze Source. Now we accept additional events such as `Campaign Conversion` or `Email Soft Bounce` that can be sent to your downstream tools for a unified view of the customer. Read our blog post

  • Startup Program customers now have a new home screen in the app. It features a workspace setup checklist and completion score so that new customers know exactly what to do to achieve a complete setup. Check it out →

Latest integrations:

  • ByteGain—Predictive analytics and AI tool that captures user behavior, automates content recommendations, makes real-time predictions and more.

  • Callingly—Automated phone call follow-up tool to help route, call, and record lead calls quickly after a lead is created.

  • CustomerSuccessBox—Customer success platform for B2B SaaS companies that provides account health, product adoption tracking, upsell alerts, and more.

  • Kitemetrics—Provides tools to attribute iOS App Installs to Apple Search Ads keywords and associate them with In-App Purchases.

  • Survicate—Complete toolkit for customer feedback that includes NPS, customer satisfaction, and website feedback.

  • Tamber—Deep learning recommendation tool that helps you build your own Google-scale recommendation features in minutes.

  • Userlist—Behavior-based messaging tool for SaaS applications to onboard, promote, and re-engage users.

  • Xtremepush—Multi-channel marketing automation platform with drag-and-drop campaign journey builder and real-time engagement.

  • Emma— Mobile analytics and attribution tool that helps companies create, measure, and analyze mobile marketing campaigns.

  • Adtriba—Cross-channel attribution tool that helps companies evaluate all marketing channels, optimize budget allocation and increase revenue.


Recently, we shipped a new product feature for Personas called SQL Traits which lets you use customer data from your warehouse in your marketing and analytics tools. 

Thanks to your valuable feedback, we’ve made a few improvements:

  • Added support for email and anonymous ids in queries so those identifiers can be used to pull groups of users for marketing campaigns.

  • Improved error handling so there is greater insight into why a query may have failed.

  • Added a timer that helps you track how long your trait has been running for. 


In case you missed it, check out the blog →

Audience Insights

We’ve also added the ability to see how specific audiences breakdown from an identity standpoint (e.g., matched on user ID, email, mobile ID) and how they overlap with other audiences that you’ve already built in Personas. This allows you to quickly get insight into a particular audience and see if it’s unique enough to build a new campaign.


Here are a few other recent Personas launches:

  • More activation options for Google Ads. You can now select to use either email or mobile ID when sending traits and audiences into Google Ads, giving you more flexibility and precision for ad targeting with Personas. 

  • Responsys destination improvements. We’ve updated our Responsys destination so that it now supports batch updates from Personas, making it even easier to get your Audiences and Computed Traits into the platform while avoiding any rate limiting.

  • Added customizable track events for Computed Traits. You now have the option to configure a custom track call alongside Computed Traits that allows you to trigger an event when a certain user characteristic is met. For example, if you’re tracking ‘big spenders’ and someone new qualifies for that trait (e.g., they spend over $500), it will trigger an event that you can use to trigger automated messages or internal workflows.

  • Visibility into who created an audience and when. In order to help you better keep track of who is building traits and audiences within your organization, we’ve added a “built by” and timestamp on every trait and audience in Personas.

We’re always making updates to Segment! To see everything for yourself, log in to your workspace.

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