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Segment enables personalized, consistent, and real-time customer experiences.

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Complete view of the customer

Unify your customer’s touch points across all platforms and channels. Understand your customer journey.

Email personalization

Personalize emails with recommendations based on user behavior.

Frequency caps

Understand the number of emails reaching a customer every day & limit it to prevent unsubscribes.

Propensity modeling

Optimize your offers by predicting the likelihood someone will buy.

Emails Today3
Propensity to Buy 14 Days75%
Push traits to build real-time audiences

Real-time audiences

Target the right customer with the right message at the right time. Build audiences and create real-time campaigns, without relying on other teams.

Cart abandonment

Create custom campaigns whenever a user drops off the funnel.

Act fast

Send an email or show an ad within minutes of a user performing an action.

Omnichannel messaging

Send a consistent message across all channels — email, facebook & google ads, and in-product.

Real-time audiences

Deliver unified, personalized customer experiences

Build and activate data-driven, personalized campaigns across every customer channel from a centralized platform without relying on other teams.

Engage in real time, anywhere, anytime

Activate in real time instead of having to manually reconcile your data and work with other teams and systems to drive insights to action.

Orchestrate journeys where your data is

Deliver personalized experiences where, when, and how your customers want with our native email and SMS channels, custom channels, and 400+ out-of-the-box integrations.

Build a complete view of your customer

Build profiles and audiences with real-time customer interactions collected across digital touchpoints, without SQL expertise.

Illustration: Deliver Unified Customer Experiences

Robust marketing appstore

Activate audiences in 400+ marketing tools, in real-time.

Consistent data

Use the same audiences & data in all your tools to provide a consistent message across all channels.

Channel optimization

Try new channels for your campaigns instantly, without requiring engineering & analytics projects.


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