Twilio Segment vs. mParticle

Twilio is the #1 CDP for market share four years in a row per IDC (2019-2022), helping to solve some of the most challenging problems companies face today: breaking down data silos, ensuring compliance with shifting privacy regulations, getting a complete view of the customer, and powering advanced digital initiatives like real-time personalization.

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Why do you need a high-performing CDP?

Customer Data Platforms have become incredibly popular for companies looking to get more out of their data. But as the market gets more saturated, it’s important to understand what qualities go into a high-performing CDP. Twilio Segment’s real-time event pipelines and ETL have become the gold standard due to the breadth of integrations along with their design, reliability, and observability. Our platform is also extensible and vendor agnostic, allowing businesses to continuously build out and customize their tech stacks with their preferred tools.

Privacy-first with regional data ingestion

Our Privacy Portal automatically classifies personal information and honors data subject rights with automated suppression and deletion. Twilio Segment’s Consent Manager ensures companies are effectively collecting and managing customers’ data preferences to stay compliant with data regulations, like the GDPR. We also offer data ingestion, processing, and storage on an EU-hosted infrastructure so that no matter where you do business (or where your customers are) you remain privacy-first.

Complete, unified view of the customer

Twilio Segment is able to stitch together every interaction a customer has with a business into a single profile, which is updated in real time. We take a deterministic approach to identity resolution with first-party data, meaning there’s no guesswork involved. Businesses can have complete confidence that the data in their customer profiles is accurate, up to date, and able to drive engagement rates while decreasing acquisition costs.

Built for scale and battle-tested

Twilio Segment has been battle tested by over 25,000 companies who need a data infrastructure that’s scalable, fault tolerant, and able to transform collected data into the right format. Our platform ingests data from the widest array of sources, offers the most options for server-side streaming, and has redundancies to ensure the highest data deliverability. We collect 1 trillion events every month with an uptime of 99.999999%+, while ensuring 30 millisecond response times, and deduplicating retried requests.

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What makes Twilio Segment different than mParticle?

Who’s it for

  • Data Engineers

  • Developers

  • Software Architects

  • Marketing Ops

  • Demand Generation

  • Digital Marketers

  • Data Analysts

  • Business Analysts

  • Data Architects

  • Business Intelligence


  • SQL traits

  • Data lake and data warehouse destinations

  • A wide array of mobile, client-side and server-side libraries

  • Source Functions and Destination Functions, which allow anyone to build custom integrations

  • Cloud Sources (including Salesforce, Stripe, Zendesk, etc.)

  • Privacy Portal automates compliance (e.g. classifying PII)


  • Extensive integration catalog with over 400 sources and destinations

  • Developer-friendly tools, including SDK’s and toolkits


  • One API to read user- and account-level data

  • Real-time Identity Resolution

Twilio ranked #1 CDP¹

A CDP built for everyone

Customer data has become every business’s most essential asset and key differentiator. But even as the volume of data grows exponentially, most companies are struggling to successfully leverage it in a meaningful way. We built our CDP to democratize data across an organization, ensuring teams of all technical skill sets can feel confident in leveraging data for more strategic decision making. As a result, engineering teams are able to offload the manual (and time-consuming) labor of maintaining ETL pipelines or pulling custom audience lists for marketing campaigns.

A leading developer experience

We want developers to have the building blocks they need to move quickly, and the flexibility to customize their data infrastructure. We have extensive guides, open-source tools, and pre-built recipes at your disposal. For instance, Source Functions ensures developers can collect data from any third-party app, while our Analytics.js 2.0 enables developers to augment events before or after they occur, or even when they’re in-flight.

Proven ROI for your business

Consumers are switching between devices and channels like never before, and companies are using several tools to engage them across every touchpoint. CDPs not only connect these different tools, but orchestrate the flow of data between them. As a result, customer profiles and audience lists are automatically enriched with data from Sources like a CRM, Customer Support system, or advertising platform to reflect real-time behavior. The companies that leverage this data for personalization will be the ones that win. Just look at Allergan Aesthetics, who used Twilio Segment to help rebuild their data architecture and better engage consumers, which resulted in $400 million in direct-to-consumer sales in a few months.

¹Twilio is the #1 CDP for 2022 worldwide market share as determined by IDC.

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