Twilio Segment: Interactive Product Demo

Twilio Segment collects events from your web and mobile apps and unifies them into a complete view of the customer. Explore the interactive demo to see how Segment helps teams collect, clean, and activate data, or connect with sales to learn more.

Explore the product

Connect all of your customer data with a single API

  • 450+ integrations help you collect and activate data across your tech stack
  • Seamlessly sync historic archived data into new tools with replay
  • Integrate custom sources and destinations with a simple webhook
Illustration: Connections

Clean, reliable data to power your business

  • Align all the teams in your company around a single data dictionary
  • Diagnose data quality issues with automatic data validation
  • Have confidence in your data with actionable error reporting and daily email digests
Illustration: Protocols

Get a complete view of your customer

  • Track every interaction to gain a better understanding of customer behavior
  • Stitch together each customer’s journey between touchpoints
  • Deliver personalized, omnichannel campaigns to real-time targeted audiences
Illustration: Unify

Build data-driven, personalized customer experiences at scale

  • Activate highly personalized experiences with real-time customer data
  • Reach customers where, when, and how they customers want with native email and SMS channels, custom channels, and 450+ out-of-the-box integrations
  • Build profiles and audiences with real-time customer interactions collected in a privacy-first way
Illustration: Twilio Engage

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