Optimize ad spend with Twilio Segment

Get the most bang for your buck with highly targeted ads

Predictive AI + first-party data = precisely targeted, real-time audiences and personalized ads, so you don’t waste a dime.

Now that’s a math equation we can get behind.

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Join the 25,000+ companies using the Segment platform

Increase your ad revenue without increasing your budget

Precise audience targeting

Segment, sync, and convert audiences on all the top ad platforms—including Facebook, Google, TikTok, and more—with 450+ pre-built connectors.

Automatically segment audiences based on real-time interactions

Use real-time data to deliver relevant customer experiences, and optimize budget by suppressing ads the moment a customer converts.

Improve match rates and reduce costs with first-party profile data enrichment

Sync profile traits with ad destinations to boost match rates for campaigns while limiting identifiers sent to an ad destination to cut API costs.

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The predictive AI advantage to stronger ROI

CustomerAI Predictions helps you create precise targeting for every campaign with pre-built Predictive Audiences like "ready to buy," "dormant," and "high LTV," that you can launch with just a few clicks.

Illustration: The predictive AI advantage to stronger ROI

Drive long-term loyalty with higher-quality lookalike audiences

Quickly identify and build Predictions-powered lookalike audiences based on customers with a high likelihood to purchase or high lifetime value; in other words, quality customers who value and connect with your brand.

Always reach the right people with the right message at the best time

Send personalized campaigns to audiences based on known and expected behaviors, like when they’re most likely to buy, which products they’re most likely to purchase (Beta), or if they have a high propensity to use a promo code.

Optimize ad spend with Segment

Segment’s privacy-conscious, first-party-centric, and AI-based personalization capabilities show your customers you know what they want, and helps you increase your ad revenue without increasing your budget.

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“Having Segment not only helped us do the personalization work we’ve always wanted to do, but we can now improve on the effectiveness of our ad campaigns and create a better feedback loop.”

Christian Rocha Castillo

Deputy Director Ecommerce/Digital Media, Domino’s Pizza

decreased cost per acquisition

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Twilio Segment is a critical tool in your tech stack to optimize your return on ad spend. Connect with a Segment expert to learn more about why 25,000+ companies choose Segment's CDP.