Build the right COVID-19 Response

Segment is committed to providing the resources you need to make the hard calls, deliver the right customer experiences, and set your business up for ongoing success.

Illustration: Build the right COVID-19 Response
Illustration: How Segment can support your COVID-19 plan

How Segment can support your COVID-19 plan


We are helping remote teams build the skills they need to be successful during COVID. Become an expert on analytics and using Segment with free online training and resources.

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We are sharing industry insights and success stories of how companies are adapting to new COVID-related challenges. Learn how companies across industries have been able to maintain business continuity, cut costs, and find sustainable growth.

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Segment is committed to supporting the innovation that will drive all of us forward. We’re continuing to support early-stage startups with free Segment and supporting anyone working on COVID-19 response efforts.

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More resources to build your
COVID-19 plan

Blog post

How Segment is handling COVID

The steps Segment is taking to ensure the safety of our team and their families, and our commitment and plan for delivering uninterrupted service.

Blog post

Segment helps businesses adapt

Guidance on how your business can use the Segment customer data platform to accelerate marketing impact, make better product decisions, and build a resilient tech stack.

Blog post

How COVID-19 is impacting tech stacks

Segment is monitoring the effects of COVID-19 on tech stacks across the world. Here’s what we’ve learned so far.

Blog post

How Segment helps with customer retention

A review of the most successful retention strategies implemented with Segment, with some recommended tools to help.

Blog post

How Segment helps with marketing efficiency

Sharing our most successful strategies to help you understand and optimize your marketing spend.

Blog post

Growing an e-commerce business in the time of COVID-19

Insights from three e-commerce leaders on how to appropriately engage customers and seek out growth opportunities during COVID-19.


Adapting as an e-commerce company (on-demand)

Live takes from e-commerce leaders at Shipt and Arfa on how to appropriately engage customers and seek out growth opportunities during COVID-19.


Adapting as a B2B company (on-demand)

Live takes from b2b leaders on how to find product opportunities, engage new users, and retain existing ones during COVID-19.


Analytics Academy (on-demand)

Handcrafted courses from Segment that include both the basics of analytics as well as more advanced strategies to help your business collect high-quality data and find opportunity areas for the business.


Segment University (on-demand)

An extensive collection of courses ranging from implementation fundamentals to advanced features, organized by Segment product.

Illustration: Innovate in the face of adversity with Segment

Innovate in the face of adversity with Segment

Accelerate your marketing impact

Double down on marketing efforts that deliver the best results and eliminate all wasted ad spend.

See how Digital Ocean improved its return on ad spend

Make better product decisions

Run experiments faster and have confidence in the product roadmap you are setting for the company.

See how IBM grew its product adoption & revenue

Build a resilient tech stack

Enable the technology solutions you need to make data-driven decisions and deliver personalized customer experiences.

See how Clearscore improved its time to market and saved costs

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