Endless customization at your fingertips with just a few lines of Javascript

Build custom integrations, enrich and transform data, and mask sensitive information with a simple webhook on Twilio Segment’s open, extensible platform.

Join the 25,000+ companies using the Segment platform

Unlock custom sources and destinations

Integrate each and every API

Collect and transform any stream of first-party customer data from webhooks into Segment events.

Transform and map events collected by Segment to new destinations and internal services.

Illustration: Custom Sources

Extend Segment with custom capabilities

Enrich, transform, and mask data with code

Insert code to enrich data with context from profiles and third-party sources, filter events to ensure data quality, and even mask sensitive data to support compliance.

Illustration: Destinations

Quick and easy customization

Customizing your Segment implementation requires just a few lines of JavaScript, freeing up engineering time for productive tasks that drive business value and less time spent wrestling with data pipeline workarounds.


Functions is built by developers, for developers. With testing, version control, and code reusability features, you can collaborate and experiment freely.

Enterprise-grade scalability

Not only do the biggest companies in the world trust Segment to process over a million API calls per second, but Functions also supports batching to help you stay within rate limits imposed by downstream providers.

Sample code to get you started

Try out these pre-built Functions templates on a free workspace today!

Getting started is easy

Start connecting your data with Segment.