Twilio Segment + Mixpanel

Unite customer data and accelerate product-led growth

By combining Twilio Segment and Mixpanel, businesses can gain real-time insights and drive efficient product growth by leveraging product analytics informed by clean and real-time customer data.

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Easily make data-informed decisions

Twilio Segment collects your first-party customer data in a clean and consistent way, ensuring your Mixpanel integration has the best data for powerful visualization and analysis – making it easy to see trends and patterns that drive data-informed decisions

Power highly personalized customer experiences

Use Twilio Segment to gain a complete view of your customer, and Mixpanel to optimize your user’s product experience and track success of marketing campaigns

Increase organizational efficiency

Streamline your data collection and analysis processes. This lets you focus on what matters most: delivering a great product and customer experience

Customer Story

Boll & Branch optimizes the online shopping experience with Twilio Segment + Mixpanel

  • Increase in add-to-cart

  • Improved conversion rate

  • Higher engagement rate with website content and image carousels


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