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Email is the foundation to a great digital communication strategy. Leveraging the power of data elevates your program to the next level.

Evolve your marketing strategy by advancing your customer data maturity

Learn how to advance your data maturity with each of Twilio's products.

1. Foundational Data Maturity

Use cases:

Power transactional emails with industry-leading deliverability and reliability

Data maturity:

Data used on ad hoc basis but no cohesive strategy across programs or channels

2. Advancing Data Maturity

Use cases:

Conduct personalized promotional email campaigns at scale

Data maturity:

Data is used to personalize certain messages but is not leveraged across multiple channels

3. Adaptive Data Maturity

Use cases:

Build smarter audiences with real-time customer profiles and enable data-driven customer experiences across channels

Data maturity:

Category leader with multichannel, data-driven customer journeys and experiences


99.99% uptime

and over 130 billion emails sent every month



active customers

Twilio Engage


websites manage customer data with Twilio Engage + Segment

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“With Twilio, we do a better job of making decisions. We’ve moved from ‘I think this is how we should do it’ to ‘what's the data saying?”

Brad White

Marketing Technology Team Lead at Vacasa

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