The ultimate analytics setup is now free

Collecting and analyzing customer data is critical to growing a startup. That’s why we’re giving early-stage startups Segment for free for up to two years when you join our Startup Program—along with other perks.

Interested in offering Segment startup credits to your portfolio, or customers?

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Let your engineers focus on product, not integrations

Building and maintaining integrations take a lot of developer time. Segment makes it easy. Instrument your analytics once, and integrate with 450+ tools in just a few minutes.

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One API, Cleaner code

Our analytics API makes collecting data simple. Reduce all of your tracking code and advertising tags into a single API.

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Get $50,000 in Segment credits

What does Segment do? Segment automatically collects, cleans, and routes your web (and app) data into your favorite marketing and business tool. That means once you’ve set up Segment, you can set up any other tool.

Segment credits

Eligible startups get $50,000 in Segment credits to use on our team plan.

$1M in free software

We’ve partnered with marketing and analytics companies like Amplitude, AWS, and Intercom to offer sweet deals on the tools startups need most.

Startup resources

We’ve designed resources to help you level up your data and analytics like Analytics Office Hours and Analytics Academy.

Eligibility requirements

  • Incorporated two years ago (see FAQs for exceptions)
  • Raised no more than $5MM in total funding