Bring your store to your customers

From connecting every touchpoint to choosing the perfect product recommendations, Segment empowers retailers to deliver the most compelling customer experience.


Retail companies build winning customer experiences with Segment

Segment for retailers

Bring your store to your customers

Collect and build customer journey analytics


Complete your view of the customer journey by pulling together data across web, mobile web, apps, email and support interactions.


Identify the characteristics of your highest-value shoppers and create a targeted strategy.


Centralize and scale access to high-quality, secure data.

Illustration: Make every interaction meaningful.

Personalize campaigns and optimize ad spend


Optimize the shopping experience and drive purchases by analyzing user behavior and finding areas for experimentation.


Deliver loyalty-reinforcing promotions wherever new and existing customers are shopping.


Build audiences and create real-time campaigns to optimize ad spend.

Illustration: Make every interaction meaningful.

Create a tailored product recommendation engine


Tie your digital data with your internal systems to provide visibility around conversion rates.


Use individualized data to drive the behaviors or product features that increase customer loyalty and engagement.


Build recommendation engines using machine learning powered by good data.

Illustration: Make every interaction meaningful.

Use Segment to integrate with best-in-class tools

Activate audiences in 450+ marketing and analytics tools in real time.

Illustration: Make every interaction meaningful.

“As our business grows, it has become increasingly important to understand how online spend influences offline behavior, which Facebook and Segment have made possible.“

Micky Onvural


increase in offline purchases versus control group

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