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Boost engagement across your media properties

To better understand and tailor content to your audiences, you need an efficient way to get data from where it originates across all of your brands or digital properties to where it’s needed most. That’s where Segment comes in.

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Media and entertainment companies choose Segment

Convert visitors into subscribers

Enhance the visitor experience and drive conversions by analyzing user behavior and uncovering areas for content engagement optimization and personalization.

Illustration: Convert Visitors To Subscribers
Illustration: Deliver Personalized Content in real-time

Deliver personalized content in real-time across all channels

Increase advertising revenue and tailor engagement strategies using a complete history of every visitor’s interactions across all of your digital properties.

Achieve a complete view of the customer journey

Unify customer behavior across brands and from wherever your visitors consume content, including web, mobile, OTT, email, and more.

Understand how digital efforts impact revenue

Measure attribution, track conversions, and integrate multiple digital properties to derive more value from your viewer and subscriber data.

Power robust content recommendation engines

Collect real-time customer insights to power content recommendation engines that increase visitor time on site.

Standardize data collection

Scale and centralize data governance across multiple publications, brands, or properties to democratize data insights throughout the organization.

Illustration: Integrations


Use Segment to integrate with top tools for media and entertainment.

Getting started is easy

Getting started is easy

Start connecting your data with Segment.

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