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Deliver personalized experiences at scale using data that’s complete, trustworthy, and compliant.

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The world’s most innovative companies build winning customer experiences with Segment

Centralize and simplify customer data collection across online and offline touchpoints


See the complete view of your customer by unifying data across web, mobile web, apps, email, support, and offline interactions.


Identify traits of your high value customers and uncover key events along the customer journey that impact growth, engagement, and retention.


Centralize and scale access to high-quality, secure data and deliver it to the tools and internal teams that need it.

Illustration: Centralize and simplify
Illustration: Clean and compliant customer data

Make informed decisions with clean and compliant customer data


Power your tools and product cross-sell recommendations with clean, reliable data.


Align your teams and tools with secure and consistent customer data.


Simplify compliance with automated data governance and real-time PII screening.

Personalize every interaction across the omnichannel customer journey


Create real-time audiences and campaigns without relying on your engineering team.


Deliver personalized experiences wherever your customers are, whether in a local branch or online.


Use individualized data to drive the behaviors or product features that increase customer loyalty and engagement.

Illustration: Personalize every interaction

Why Every Fintech Business Needs a CDP

In this guide we discuss why a customer data platform may be the key ingredient for financial services & technology companies.

Guide: Why Every Fintech Business Needs a CDP

Security Highlight

Industry-leading Security & Compliance

Our commitment to security and compliance includes a comprehensive suite of certifications and attestations so you can trust that your data stays secure and compliant.

ISO 27001
ISO 27017
ISO 27018
Cloud Security Alliance
Illustration: Segment integrations

Use Segment to integrate with internal systems and best-in-class tools

Activate audiences in 450+ marketing and analytics tools in real time.

“Twilio Segment provided Earnest with a single user identity and consistent, granular customer data that the team needed to create the advanced, customized metrics to scale the affiliate program.”

Goutham Valeti Head of Analytics
loan volume growth and saved borrowers well over $100M

“The cost of a Segment investment completely beat our in-house options out of the water. It was a no-brainer in terms of cost.”

Klaus Thorup Chief Technology Officer
cost savings with Twilio Segment instead of building in-house

“What we have in Segment is a platform for serendipity. We’re able to react to many scenarios, innovate quickly, scale resources, and bolster a culture of digital transformation.”

Todd Wright Sr. Technologist
decrease in cost per acquisition

Getting started is easy

Getting started is easy

Start connecting your data with Segment.

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