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Episode 16

Improving Customer Engagement in Real Estate Through Digitization

In this episode, David Marine, Chief Marketing Officer at Coldwell Banker expands on digitizing the real estate experience, tools for sellers, and ensuring tactics are adaptable across local markets.

Guest speaker: David Marine

David Marine grew up at Coldwell Banker. Chief Marketing Officer might be his title, but being a brand champion is something David has done for the 20+ years he has been working in the marketing group of the most recognized brand in real estate. 

David’s superpower is storytelling and has enabled him to develop the highest-rated real estate ad of all time, reshape the brand’s luxury and commercial divisions, and have the most effective marketing in the industry for ten straight years. He has been named to HousingWire’s 2022 Marketing Leaders and RiSMedia’s 2022 Trendsetters list.

Episode summary

In this episode, Kailey sits down with David to discuss digitizing the real estate experience, tools for sellers, and ensuring tactics are adaptable across local markets.

Key takeaways

  • Automating your tactics is important for marketers to reach their audiences and save time and resources. Automation will help decide which strategies are most effective and easily adaptable for different segments.

  • Data is everywhere, but it’s important to figure out if and how it is actionable so you can build off of it. Actionable data also ensures your teams are unified around growing the customer experience.

  • When building out your team, focus on finding people who have similar goals in mind. It’s critical that you’re all on the same path, but also having differing opinions allows you to see all sides of the customer journey.

Speaker quotes

“We're knee-deep in data but the key is, is it going to be actionable or not? I can have all this stuff, but if I'm not willing to do something from it, then it's completely worthless. So that's really the key. And that's also a mentality shift of how your organization is set up and how your teams are built around to get people focused on, ‘We need to use this to activate growth.’” – David Marine

Episode timestamps

‍*(01:59) - David’s career journey

*(06:59) - Industry trends in customer engagement in real estate

*(13:08): David explains Coldwell Banker’s Move Meter Tool

*(15:56) - Challenges in the customer engagement journey

*(25:02): How Coldwell Banker is using good data to build customer engagement

*(31:45) - How David defines “good data”

‍*(35:02) - An example of another company doing it right with customer engagement (hint: it’s DoorDash)

*(36:38): David’s favorite data-based marketing campaign

*(40:09) - Changes in the next 6-12 months in marketing

*(42:45) - David’s recommendations for upleveling customer engagement

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