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Episode 25

Future Proofing Your Customer Engagement Stack

In this episode of Good Data Better Marketing podcast, Chad Hacker, VP of Consumer and Digital Marketing - US Aesthetics at Allergan Aesthetics, discusses the changing landscape of data privacy, AI targeting on digital platforms, and creating meaningful app experiences.

Guest speaker: Chad Hacker

Chad brings over a decade of digital advertising, operations, client management and PR experience to companies large and small. He is a self-described ‘start-up junkie’ and has spent most of his career with technology startups in the Denver/Boulder area, though most recently relocated to the Bay area. Chad possesses a strong and thorough understanding of multiple digital advertising platforms with expertise in SEM, Facebook Ads, Instagram, Mobile, Display, Retargeting, SEO and Email campaigns. He enjoys leading dynamic teams to streamline business operations and drive client and business success alike.

Episode summary

In this episode, Kailey sits down with Chad to discuss the changing landscape of data privacy, AI targeting on digital platforms, and creating meaningful app experiences.

Key takeaways

  • As data privacy laws ramp up around the world, it’s critical to future proof your business. As data signals lessen, you should invest in first party data so you can continue to do effective marketing.

  • Loyalty apps can offer much more than just points tracking. Allergan is making their app experience more meaningful by implementing educational and lifestyle content, as well as connecting it with healthcare providers.

  • AI should be used to elevate your work and target your audience. Allergan is using AI to target on digital platforms, where they’ve seen a substantial improvement in performance. They’re also thinking about using AI to train healthcare professionals to deliver the best results.

Speaker quotes

“A lot of the data signals that we traditionally would have relied on coming from the Googles or the Facebooks or the Instagrams of the world, are changing. We're starting to see fragmented privacy laws by state. There's a lot of ways that I'm thinking about future proofing the business. How do we make sure that we've got a plan so that as these data signals continue to lessen from these platforms, that we can still do effective marketing? Reaching the right people at the right time on the right platform.” – Chad Hacker

Episode timestamps

‍*(02:54) - Chad’s career journey

*(07:33) - Chad explains AbbVie’s portfolio of aesthetic brands

*(12:52) - Trends in consumer experience in aesthetics

*(18:45) - Challenges in the customer experience journey at AbbVie

*(34:00) - An example of another company doing it right with consumer engagement (hint: it’s Amazon and Netflix)

*(35:05) - Changes in the next 6-12 months in customer engagement

*(37:59) - Chad’s recommendations for upleveling consumer experience strategies

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