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Episode 10

Collecting the Right Data to Serve your Audience and your Advertisers

In this episode, Eric Mies, Director of Product, Video Experience, Ads & Ad Operations at Crunchyroll, talks about the rise in data privacy protection and building contextual ads based on customer’s behaviors.

Guest speaker: Eric Mies

Eric is a product leader who has managed development and implementation of various products from content distribution to internal tools and more. He has experience managing, teaching and building a team of Product Managers in an Agile Development environment. Eric focuses on monetization and growth of digital media products with a background working directly with ad servers.

His previous work experience includes Macy’s, Group Nine Media, and Discovery Digital Networks.

Episode summary

This episode features an interview with Eric Mies, Director of Product, Video Experience, Ads and Ad Operations at Crunchyroll, a 360 anime brand. Eric has over a decade of experience, specializing in product management and ad operations.

In this episode, Kailey and Eric discuss personalization in the age of GDPR, contextual targeting, and unifying data with the help of humans and machines.

Key takeaways

  • Unifying customer data is made a lot easier through the use of humans and machines. Machines can identify content classifications to target ads. While humans can make sure content is tagged correctly to get as many eyes on it as possible.

  • With the rise of GDPR, advertisers have to respect the opt-in or opt-out choices made by consumers while still driving high conversions.

  • Understanding the wants and needs of your customers and advertisers leads to impactful data insights.

Speaker quotes

“It's three things - it's:

  1. Understanding your users: what they like, who they are, what they're interested in [...]

  2. Understanding your advertisers and their KPIs [...]

  3. It's working internally - looking at the data, constantly responding, optimizing, and making sure you're having an impact.” – Eric Mies

Episode timestamps

‍*(01:44) - Eric’s career journey

*(05:53) - Trends in customer experience in the anime streaming industry

*(11:31): Challenges in the customer engagement journey

*(13:17) - How Crunchyroll is using humans and machines to build marketing tactics

*(19:41) - How Eric defines “good data”

‍*(24:02) - An example of another company doing it right with customer experience (hint: it’s YouTube)

*(32:10) - Eric’s recommendations for upleveling your customer engagement

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