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Episode 36

2024 Top Trends and Predictions in Customer Engagement

In this episode of Good Data Better Marketing podcast, Jacqueline Woods, CMO of Teradata and David Chan, Managing Director of Deloitte Digital, sit down for a panel discussion on the top CX trends, AI predictions for the year ahead, and omni-channel, real-time personalization.

Guest speaker: Jacqueline Woods and David Chan

Jacqueline Woods Bio

Woods is a results-driven marketing executive with thirty years of experience leading corporate transformations, propelling marketing organizations to utilize data and insights, and leading the way in digital marketing. She is recognized for instilling today’s modern marketing approaches that successfully grow businesses. Her career spans Fortune 100 companies, including IBM, GE, Oracle and Verizon, covering both business-to-business and business-to-consumer go-to-market initiatives. Woods joins Teradata from NielsenIQ where she served as Global Chief Marketing & Communications Officer. There, Woods focused on the firm’s transformation to an independent company, leading the revitalization of the company’s brand, image and perception to reflect its new character: from legacy brand to modern data-driven enterprise. Previously, Woods was with IBM for nearly 10 years, including as CMO of its $13 billion Partner Ecosystem, where she focused on building cloud, Data, AI and SaaS strategies across an ecosystem of over 120,000 firms.

David Chan Bio

David partners with clients to digitally transform their organizations by enabling key CX capabilities to solve complex business problems. He has deep experience designing real-time Personalization strategies across marketing, sales and service leveraging Identity Resolution, Customer Data Platforms (CDP), AI/Machine Learning, Dynamic Content, and connecting it to the broader Martech ecosystem. He helps clients take ownership over their first-party data in order to execute data monetization strategies while navigating evolving data privacy regulations and considerations. David also acts as Product Owner for Deloitte's Experience Management Product engineering teams which builds assets utilizing AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Snowflake, Adobe, Salesforce, SAP and Oracle technologies.

Episode summary

In this episode, Kailey sits down with Jacqueline and David for a panel discussion on the top CX trends, AI predictions for the year ahead, and omni-channel, real-time personalization.

Key takeaways

  • According to Jacqueline, data is more like water than oil. In order for AI to have real impact, your data needs to be clean with a traceable lineage.

  • While real-time personalization is important to customers, what matters most is the messages being delivered to them are contextually relevant to their experience.

  • With the world going cookieless, you should measure how much your business relies on third party cookies and then figure out how much to invest in first party data services to support the gap.

Speaker quotes

“I often talk about data – it's not like oil. To me, it's more like water. You have a lot of water that's not usable. You have a lot of things in data today that aren't usable. Now, in order for AI to be really impactful in your organization, it has to start with data. Do you have clean data? Is that data pristine? Do you know the lineage of the data? Because, AI is nothing if it doesn't have clean data to essentially build intelligence off of, particularly when you talk about generative AI.” – Jacqueline Woods

“Everyone wants real-time personalization. What that means is the data has to be real-time collected. Data has to be real-time processed. Data has to be real-time curated to be made of some sort of business sense to then activate on in real-time. To me, what matters more is less about whether it's real-time, because just faster is not always better. It's about how contextually relevant the message is being returned to the customer from the brand. That is more meaningful.” – David Chan

Episode timestamps

‍*(03:44) - Jacqueline and David’s career journeys

*(07:27) - AI trends in 2024

*(26:43) - The need for omni-channel, real-time personalization

*(34:57) - Trust and privacy

‍*(44:05) -  2024 CX predictions

*(52:22) - Jacqueline and David’s recommendations for staying ahead of the CX curve

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