Customer Data Maturity: How the World’s Biggest Companies Win by Unlocking Customer Potential

by Twilio Segment

Welcome to the resources hub for our comprehensive guide to Customer Data Maturity. If you made it to this page, presumably your goal is to develop data strategies that actively unlock business opportunities. The path to data maturity first and foremost requires adopting a customer data platform (CDP) such as Twilio Segment to gain a complete understanding of your customer. Your CDP serves as the essential foundation of the modern data stack by integrating and organizing data from every data source, platform, and channel to create a unified customer file.

To help guide you through your book, we’ve collected a series of resources to aid you on your customer data journey:

Foundational Maturity

Segment University

Jumpstart Lite for Existing Segment Customers

For hands-on practice, we recommend trying the “Goals & Use-Cases” activity in our Jumpstart Lite program (for existing Segment Customers on Segment University).

Analytics Academy

Choosing Metrics that Matter

Everyone loves their wall-mounted dashboards, but we rarely pick the right metrics to track. And tracking the wrong metrics is almost as bad as tracking nothing at all. Here's what you need to know about selecting actionable metrics.

Customer Story

How IBM Scaled its Customer Data Foundation Across 150 Products

This case study highlights how IBM partnered with Twilio Segment to scale its customer data infrastructure and drive increased customer adoption, engagement and expansion.


First Party Data: How to Activate & Leverage Your Data

We outline a path to building trust in data across your organization, and explain why it's critical to lay the right infrastructure and process for how data is collected, cleaned, governed, and acted on.


Streamline Compliance with End-User Privacy Tools

In this recipe, you’ll learn how to save time complying with user deletion and suppression requests by using Segment’s deletion features.

Made by Segment
Identity Management

Identity Resolution: The Definitive Guide

At Segment, our customer data platform has helped thousands of businesses merge the complete history of each customer into a single profile. That’s why we’ve put together this short guide, to help you understand the nuts and bolts of identity resolution, and how you can bring it into your organization.

Customer Story

How Fender Improves Customer Engagement with Quality Data

Fender turned to Twilio Segment to create a single source of truth by unifying customer data. Now Fender's marketing and product teams can query events and traits with Segment’s self-service audience builder and create cohorts of users for more target messaging. And API access to user profiles...

AnalyticsCustomer Data Platform (CDP)MarketingGrowth

Identity Resolution: A Guide to the Post-Cookie World

Due to growing consumer expectations for personalization and privacy, companies need to take a hard look at identity resolution. This guide walks you through the common challenges and required capabilities of a successful first-party identity resolution strategy.

Customer Story

How Toggle Speeds into New Markets with Connected Data

With the launch of Toggle (a Farmers Insurance company) the technology, engineering and marketing teams built a modern, future-proofed technology stack, with Twilio Segment Customer Data Platform at its core. Twilio Segment empowers the brand to move quickly and iterate, enabling...

Adaptive Maturity


Build Quick Customer Audiences with RFM Modelling

The term 'RFM' stands for Recency, Frequency, and Monetary Value Tracking. These three fairly straightforward characteristics allow you to quickly build complex models about how your customers relate to your brand, and how you should engage with them.


Run Predictive Analytics with SQL Commands

In this recipe, you learn how to use Segment and AWS Redshift ML together to generate predictive analytics without writing any code, spinning up any data pipelines, or requiring significant ML experience.

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Customer Story

How Endeavor used Twilio Segment to Drive Digital Transformation

Endeavor, parent company of IMG, WME, and UFC, turned to Twilio Segment to centralize its data collection, scale its data infrastructure, and share information throughout the company ecosystem. With visibility into customer behaviors, teams use analytics and other downstream tools to ge...

Customer Story

How Domino’s Decreased Cost-Per-Acquisition by 65% with Twilio Segment

Domino’s turned to Twilio Segment to create a universal view of the customer, better visibility of ad campaign effectiveness, and create hyper personalized audiences with Twilio Engage to increase ROAS, revenue and incremental orders across all paid and owned e-commerce channels. Ultimately, Domino's...

Customer Story

How Allergan Built a Loyalty Program to Generate $400 Million in Sales

Allergan built a powerful new intelligent customer engagement architecture with Segment, Twilio, and Snowflake that allows its teams to deliver the right message directly to their patients, and enabled the company to relaunch its personalized customer loyalty program, Allē, resulting in...

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