VIRTUAL SUMMIT: October 24–26, 2023

CDP Week: Fuel AI with trusted data for real-time impact

Catch up on insights from our 3rd annual CDP Week: AI Edition. During this free 3-day virtual summit, AI expert, Sinead Bovell and industry leaders from Allergan, GitHub, OneTrust, Accenture, and more shared how the latest advancements are helping companies win with trusted customer data.

About CDP Week

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With rapidly evolving technology and customer expectations, it’s no surprise that 92% of companies are already using AI-powered personalization to accelerate growth.

However, successful AI-driven engagement is only as good as your data. It’s imperative that businesses' data foundations are equipped with trusted data to power precise, 1:1 customer interactions, and predict customer wants that can be activated in real time at scale.

That’s why we brought together industry leaders to share their unique perspectives and insights on how to streamline siloed customer data, navigate evolving privacy regulations, and turn predictive insights and generative capabilities into precise personalized experiences – all within the burgeoning AI era.

You’ll walk away with a plan for how to:

  • Leverage AI to unlock customer insights and deliver personalized experiences that drive sustainable growth
  • Build loyalty through multichannel customer journeys—while maintaining trust and privacy
  • Activate new features, like Predictions and Generative Journeys, to fuel precise, real-time customer engagements

Our virtual summit brings together leaders from:

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From best-in-class data infrastructure to building intelligent customer engagement into every channel, tune in to hear from business leaders and industry experts on how trusted data is enabling powerful AI use cases for today's businesses.

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