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LiveLike offers an audience engagement suite that enables deeper fan engagement, increased retention rates, and new monetization opportunities through customized, interactive experiences.

  • Create interactive experiences using polls, trivia quizzes, cheer meters, emoji sliders, and ask me anything widgets

  • Use informative widgets like alerts, deals, and social embeds to keep users informed and engaged

  • Organize watch parties with live chats

  • Incentivize users with rewards and loyalty tools like points, leaderboards and badges

  • Collect proprietary zero and first-party data on usage and user behavior

  • Fully customizable features to match your brand and sponsor's look and feel

LiveLike (Source)

How LiveLike Works

LiveLike is a technology company dedicated to empowering digital experiences that enable companies to engage, reward and retain their users. LiveLike’s audience engagement suite helps top sports and media companies to enhance the fan experience, increase time spent on platforms or in-app, and unlock the power of first and zero-party data. Our off-the-shelf solution provides clients with social media lookalike experiences in just a few weeks allowing them to get to market sooner and lower their time-to-value.

LiveLike (Source)

Get more out of LiveLike with Segment

LiveLike enables deeper fan engagement through customized interactive experiences and rewards and loyalty programs using user events data from client sources. With Segment, clients will be able to send events directly to LiveLike as a destination without any code, SDK or API integration. LiveLike can also send data back to Segment related to user engagement and rewards information. LiveLike and its clients can use this exchange of data to automate personalized marketing messaging and send out customized polls and quizzes to different segmented users.

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