Facebook Lead Ads

Lead generation forms as ads

  • Potential customers sign up for what you’re offering from within Facebook, and you get Facebook provided contact info to follow up with them.

  • By clicking your lead ad, customers will see a form that’s conveniently pre-filled with info they’ve already shared with Facebook—like their name, number, or email.

  • Customize your forms to capture just the info that’s important to your business.

  • Forms are mobile-device friendly and designed for the least amount of typing possible.

Facebook Lead Ads

How Facebook Lead Ads works

Getting data from Facebook Lead Ads into all your customer data tools requires a custom code connection between the Facebook API or your database to each of the tools where you want the information. The process will vary based on the tools you are using, and scales with the number of tools you are using.

For data warehouses, pulling the right data out of Facebook Lead Ads in the right format can be complicated. There’s a lot of data to sort through: ads, ad sets, campaigns, spend, performance. The first challenge is deciding what to data to pull out, and how to format that data in your warehouse. Once you decide on a data schema, you’ll need to build an ETL pipeline that pulls data out of the Facebook Ads API, transforms it, and loads it into your data warehouse. Many enterprise ETL tools exist, but be aware that most of those tools still require you to perform data mapping.

Facebook Lead Ads

Get more out of Facebook Lead Ads with Segment

Segment distributes your Facebook Lead Ad opt ins to your most important customer data tools in realtime, as they happen. When a lead opts in, their information is sent to Segment and then translated out to your email system, CRM, Customer Success tools. Lead ads can even be enriched by data from data enrichment APIs like Clearbit and Madkudu.

You can use Segment to ETL data from Facebook Lead Ads directly to your data warehouse in only a few minutes time. You’ll simply authenticate your Facebook Ads account, and Segment will immediately start pulling the relevant data and queuing it for your next data warehouse load. Segment loads the tables you’ll need to analyze ad performance and join it with site activity, and you can easily control the loading of tables by checking or unchecking a box. All the data gets loaded in a format that is designed for data analysis and makes it easy to join with your other Segment data, like site or app analytic data, email activity, and sales data.

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